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  1. My new car...

    acura rsx? rx 8?
  2. Snowed In! **PICS**

    wish i had some of that snow, sled in the garage just waiting to be used lol
  3. Best Multiplayer Game

    duck hunter for the origional nintendo lol
  4. Most CF Ive seen

    i agree this is overkill
  5. PL Calendar On Sale Now

    still waiting on mine
  6. Merry Christmas to all my new friends at PL

    merry christmas everyone
  7. PL Calendar On Sale Now

    just ordered mine!
  8. PL Cal 2010 Finalist Chosen

    ^ if they were picked based on mods, i def would not have submitted mine. even though i thought mine sucked lolme too but i think my favorite pic out of all 13 is RicanLancer's photo, probably one of the best pictures ive ever seen
  9. PL Cal 2010 Finalist Chosen

    any update on this?
  10. i installed my fog lights about a month or so ago and from day one i have had problems with them. once i finally got them working they were fine until today when i flicked them on and a guy came up to me and said one of my fog lights was out. so i came home and checked all the connections and they were fine, tried them and still didn't work. took them apart and put them back together again and still nothing. i am really disappointed with the way one of the connections is as it is 2 small wires that slide into the existing wiring harness and you have to tape it up to make sure it stays in. if anybody has had these problems or can help me out please do
  11. help please

    5000 or more for a christmas
  12. Need Help New HID's

    i finally got my fog lights to work. all i did was basically switch the 2 ballast and they worked, maybe i just had a loose connection somewhere
  13. Need Help New HID's

    when i gets a chance tomorrow im going to take the good light back out and try that bulb in the other harness to see if the ballast is bad or not. try that that first
  14. so i just recieved my new hi beams and fog lights from automoglow and the hi beams work perfect but one of the fog lights is not working.I hooked one up and it worked fine, mounted the ballast and put the light housing back on and tried it and the light stays on for about 3 secconds and then goes out. The other one works fine, any ideas?
  15. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

    PSN : matthewlancer