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  1. What's Your 9/11 Story?

    Not many people know this but here is my story: I was in 4th Grade, on a military base and my dad worked in DC at the Pentagon. We had no idea what had happened due to the fact that they didn't want to cause panic to the kids in the school but I was called up to the office and I looked at my best friend and we just gave each other a puzzled expression. As I approach the office, the principal is sitting in his office with my mom who is bawling her eyes out. I become confused and get extremely worried, I am then told that the towers in NYC had been hit and news had just surfaced that the Pentagon had just been hit. The same Pentagon where my dad works. In the same area his office was located in. At that young of an age I had no idea how to react so I was more or less just confused and didn't know what to say/do. All the kids were sent home for the day shortly there after but I was already home seeing as my mom took me right then and there. We get home and for the next 12 hours have not heard a single word from my dad about if he was OK or not. Finally at 10pm at night, he comes home and in one of the worst conditions I have ever seen him in. Later on, he tells me that he is blessed to be alive because the plane hit in the same area his office was and the only reason he was alive was because he had a scheduled meeting in a different area of the building. To me, that is saying something cause I always saw my dad as a strong individual just based on his stories from his time in the first Gulf War as a USMC Helicopter Pilot and all the things he had seen. Up until September 16th of 2013 (Navy Yard shooting in which my dad was in the same building as the shooter), I never saw that same expression on my dads face ever again. Each and every day I am thankful for anyone and everyone who helped anyone in both NY and DC because I for one still have my dad because someone did something to help him.
  2. The White Bagrichthys Macracanthus

    Nice car man, only gripe was buying the BBS center caps when you don't have actual BBS wheels but to each his own. Other than that I like the car and it is well done.
  3. Xero's Latest Acquisition!

    Jeez already a supercharger... you don't joke around lol.
  4. Freddy's "w Ghost": March Teaser Pics

    That fact that I have to wait 5 more days for the pics is ridiculous. I demand my pictures now Freddy or else.
  5. Project Whiteout 86

    2nd option. Hands down and lolol at your curb rash
  6. Cullin's 13' Vw Gti Progress Thread

    Very nice looking GTI. Glad you are ok and despite you liking the lancer, you definitely benefited in terms of upgrading to a turbo car. The blue accent on the grille is 10x better than the stock, and I have to agree with going for the intake first. On a turbo car, it is always nicer to get the turbo sound increased and have more gains before you worry too much about cosmetic IMO.
  7. New Member From Md, Old Car. Lolz

    Welcome to the forum, where at in MD are you located?
  8. Got more car parts coming! Here is a pic of the lip I received today from MitsuEvoK. Just awaiting the new lights from David and Kayla and then I begin saving for the install/paint of it all.
  9. Muzikman9090's 2012 Subaru Sti

    Love the car man... you did it all so fast but oh so right. Keep up the work!
  10. Project Lancer Photoshop Contest!

    I gotta say that whipwhops picture is probably the funniest of them all:
  11. Car Marker Question

    Can't say I have been a victim of window markers but I almost was.... Thank god I had to go outside at 10pm at night. Just follow the rules that TheDude laid out for you and you will be fine. Girls expect such complicated things for being asked out to prom it is stupid. My way was pretty easy, flowers in her favorite color.
  12. Fangless Lancer Lip Kit?

    The only place I have known to EVER sell the Roar Lip is http://www.japanparts.com/ However seeing as how it comes from overseas the shipping is gonna be astronomical and I haven't known anyone personally who has gone through them.
  13. Javskies 06 Mini Cooper S

    I have to agree with Carlos and loved the previous wheel-setup and sorry to hear about your old lip. I think it looked very well done but should have gone after it again only cause I am not the biggest fan of splitters but eyy, if you like it then go for it! Still a very tastefully modded Mini with a pair of sick headlights.
  14. Freddy's "w Ghost": March Teaser Pics

    This is why I nominated you for best Overall Car. Your car is done perfectly and in the best possible way. ProFRESHionalism.