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  1. New Person

    LOL: PL has replied in 100 times the number of words OP used! HAHA! Welcome to PL
    1. Mk6vdubber


      wow this is old... but uhh... i can explain hahahahaa

  2. Now getting 51mpg.

  3. Clutch Master Help

    Well if you don't have "one man bleed system" then yeah it just takes forever to slowly pump the pedal and get all fluid all the way through system. But really? the clutch master cylinder is plastic? and how many miles do you have on your lancer that you already needed a clutch plate? Did you go with a lightweight flywheel?
  4. preciates the help man.. damn your car is

  5. EBC are great, but they are a big upgrade and priced higher. You can also look at akebonos. I use them on all my vehicles, modest upgrade, they don't destroy the rotors, low dust, etc. Check out this website:
  6. Pics Of Sound Dampening - Poor Man's Dynamat

    I will vouge that sound deadening makes a HUGE difference. Bass will hit much better. I did about 60% of my civic coupe, Floor/Trunk/Doors/Etc., as much as is easily possible, and road noise decreased significantly. And the speakers were clearer. Only problem is that you really need to get the firewall done and the front fenders done in order to cut the road noise to a level similar to a high end car. Although I'm curious as to the quality of the product your using and how it compares to dynamat. Presumebly a roofing material? or for window flashing maybe?
  7. "lip-Less" Front Bumper?

    On modern cars a valance is gonna be the exact same thing as a lip. Older cars design were much different, in that the term valance actaully meant something. Nothing says you have to put a lip kit on. My car is lowered with no skirts or lips, it looks fine. Of course IMO it would look better with something. So you can either go with no lip, or one chosen from thedudes list. Having one made probably would be cost prohibitive. The only other option would be to go with an aftermarket bumper. Regardless all lips/AM bumpers will have a foreward design to the bottom (vs tucked under) as that generally looks best with the design of our cars.
  8. Requesting Thoughts/prayers - Updated

    Sending prayers her way man. Hope she has a quick and comfortable recovery, and an amazing wedding. and WOW that car is messed up. Totaled? lol. Atleast she gets to look forward to something besides a PT cruiser in the future!
  9. Scammed By Blacklight Engineering

    His website give away a little more information then I think he intended Homan Motamedi 605 Ayer Road Williamsville, NY 14221
  10. Someone Drops There Atm Receipt

    yeah that was me... I'm gonna need that back.
  11. Intake To Pair With Greddy Se

    Personally, I have the Injen Intake and would recommend that. In addition it seems most people with the 2.0l go with the injen intake, while those with the 2.4l go with the Takeda. Also SRIs are generally slightly louder as well.
  12. My Little Progress. Koa's Apex Silver

    Total spaz! LOL... First **** then Ass.... And Get a real dog, lol My doberman would Smile at your poodle mutt. HAHA JK JK. Car looks good man, love the wrapped roof. Can't wait to get out to Cali and get my roof done.
  13. Socal Mod 2011

    Damn... wish I was there to go with you guys. My car is there.... but no way my wife would take it.... LOL