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  1. just found out im moving to Mobile, AL. anyone from there?

  2. New member from Louisiana

    what part of louisiana you from? welcome plus!!
  3. Frank's White 09 2.4L GTS

    looks good man!!
  4. Your best MPG numbers

    im not sure of the exact number, but it was somwhere around 30
  5. 2008+ Lancer Body Kits (huge Discounts)

    i will be getting the c-weapon in about a month, sooo excited!!!
  6. lowered with new rims

    looks clean as hell dude!!
  7. Paint Rims or Don't Paint Rims?

    hell yea paint them, black on black is sleak as hell!!!
  8. 1funguns 2010 lancer

    nice, i like the wingless look!!
  9. dc sports intake

    i dont think there is that big of a difference in the two, so it should go right on!!
  10. New Canadian Owner

    welcome, lets see some pics!!
  11. hows it goin every1!

    welcome to PL!! i think the VIII is def. my favorite style!!
  12. Gold rims on a blue GT?

    I like the gold on blue look! i prefer a charcoal on blue personaly!!
  13. Filling Help

    im getting the C-weapon, prolly in about 3 months or so! im moving to Mobile, AL. in August, and would like to have it on before the move so i can make a good immpresion on the scene(if there is one) first thing!!
  14. defenently sounds like an allignment issue!!