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  1. Shooting some flames for the people. trim.053ED977-DC10-4999-9D8B-C87624E3B1EC.MOV
  2. "kasumi" New Wheels 6/16/15.

    yea that prius was fast. Didn't even have to use his spray
  3. "kasumi" New Wheels 6/16/15.

    Still trash......
  4. Yea i hit the turn and got my slip. I almost ran off the road once I saw my time. Camaro left after that.
  5. Jake's 2014 Evo X Gsr [Progress Thread]

    well there you go....just get a dual tune cuz when you leave town you will have to become a terrorist looking for gas
  6. Jake's 2014 Evo X Gsr [Progress Thread]

    get tuned on e85 lil bit cheaper in some scenarios. I read you were tight on cash but in time I recommend it
  7. Jake's 2014 Evo X Gsr [Progress Thread]

    No, it's more than that.
  8. I have an ETS intake. I have no air box. I am spiking at 30lbs of boost so you can hear the air sucking in from outside the good rolling down a highway. Plus I have and downpipe with and o2 dump. Only thing quiet about my car is at idle.
  9. well seems like i have missed quite a bit from my last post. I just posted quite a few new installments to my EVO to my gallery to all that are interested I apologize in advance because i am rather stock looking. I take pride in that. By the way i am not stanced. Low and slow isn't my kind of thing. I rather get rolled up to and leave who ever it else who even dared to race me. Thats how i get off....
  10. DSC 0457

    From the album Me these days

    still love looking stock. Just messing with the camera one night long while ago
  11. IMG 3420

    From the album Me these days

    exhaust is Borla. looks stock really.....