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  1. Navigation For Turkey

    Hi there I need some help. In every car sold in my country, Turkey, you can not use MMCS navigation since the Europe map does not contain Turkey. After some research and downloads I realized that Volvo cars RTI system uses almost same files for navigation (actually I discovered that their navigation system build by Mitsubishi Electric Company) and there is a navigation map of Turkey sold for their system. However in my tries: After unlocking HDD, 1) I tried switching files, which disabled OK button in the beginning of the navigation screen after language selection. 2) I also tried to only change 0.1 and 0.2 files which contain map data but it causes a fatal error most probably and the system restarts repeatedly after about 10 to 20 seconds. I also tried changing POI files it did not solve. 3) Also tried skipping copying some files but this also did not solve my problem. I can supply screenshots for files found in MMCS hdd and Volvo RTI map DVD. But I need help if anyone could. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Installing Cruise Control

    There are cables on these pins however I asked the dealer and they told me that it is impossible to install cruise control. They told that at least I sould pay 12000$ for changing ECU, engine electronics(I did not understand what they mean with this) and some other stuff. Could this be true. Maybe I should stop trying to do. But in my country Colt comes with cruise control with standard equipment and they are not installing it to a Lancer. Unlucky us who has 1.5 liter Lancers.
  3. Installing Cruise Control

    Actually you are right but when I bought the highest model was the one I bought. Later they brought an upper model but since the engine is bigger in that one, you need to pay higher taxes every year.(More than 2 times of my current vehicle I pay 500 US dolars each year)
  4. Installing Cruise Control

    I would bet that you will need the dealer to make the final changes to the computer. Just like the bluetooth system, the cars computer system will need to be updated to recognize/activate the new buttons.Actually the dealer has no idea how to make it work. They installed the buttons but I think I will have lots of headache to enable them.
  5. Installing Cruise Control

    I have installed cruise control swithes. Now I have buttons on my steering wheel. But it is not working for now. I hope that somehow we can manage to make it work. Please any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Installing Cruise Control

    how you take it out?Hello, I got my cruise control switches at last. I need to know how to remove the existing one, I can not see at all but there is a hole just under the steering wheel do I need a screwdriver? :-bravo Congrats bro. Ill get that info asap.So how is the process going? Waiting for your reply.
  7. Installing Cruise Control

    how you take it out?Hello, I got my cruise control switches at last. I need to know how to remove the existing one, I can not see at all but there is a hole just under the steering wheel do I need a screwdriver?
  8. Installing Cruise Control

    no answer? :'(
  9. Installing Cruise Control

    Ok while I was waiting for my cruise control swithes I made a background research and found that; Unfortunately it is technically defenitely not easy to install cruise control afterwards. One aspect is that the ECU needs to be reprogrammed but there is much more. In any case it is something we do not support from our side. We regret therefore that we are unable to be of assistance in this case. from Mitsubishi. By the way I also found that OEM cruise control won't work since there is no throttle cable in new Lancers. So they tell that it is almost impossible to install? I need some help, info and courage. I also heard that someone managed to install cruise control somehow. I can't find him, so I have no idea how he managed then but I definitely want Cruise Control if it can be done. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Installing Cruise Control

    68.34USD from I have requested item about 2 mounths ago and they gave me the link. Since it is an electronic equipment I cannt buy over internet, because it doesnot pass through customhouse. So my friend will come back form Japan 7 mounths later, I will wait for him:D If you need any equipment you can ask them, they are very nice and helpfull. By the way thanks bro.
  11. Zero Cool's Project Apex

    That is so cool. It looks very good. By the way you changed antenna, did your radio recieves signals better? Since all lancers radio recieving is bad.
  12. Installing Cruise Control

    Cool, thank you. Waiting for the numbers. I think ZRS should try this. Since he had already installed cruise control buttons. If I make cruise control work somehow, and change my tyres with quite ones, then I assume I will be driving my car about 10 years or more.(I hope so) Here is the quite tyre list In page 8, the quetest tyres are sorted, and I will look for Yokohama AVS db V550 205/55 R16 94V. I think anyone who wants to make his car a little more queit, should check this list. Because 8db decrease is not a small amount since the scale is logaritmic.
  13. Installing Cruise Control

    So with this trick you enabled cruise control of a Lancer which does not have cruise control(for example Lancer DE) by factory default?
  14. Installing Cruise Control

    In general, auto cruise is cancel by braking on standard equipped cars. Since you dont have it you need to do this method, if not you will not be able to cancel.Ok, so what is next that can be done to make cruise control work? These shortcuts does not solve the problem entirely and I want to find a way to make cruise control work. Thanks.
  15. Installing Cruise Control

    So this trick is to cancel the cruise control when you brake, and I think it wont help me to make cruise control work for the begining.