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  1. Is the Warranty really worth anything?

    After about 1.5 years my throttle body went bad and had to be replaced. Warranty covered it... After about 2.5 years the LED display crapped out on the radio and that was replaced under the warranty as well. I think that's about it for me.
  2. Am i the only lancer owner in Utah?

    ^Not for long... I'll be moving up to CO from Texas in about 5 months for college
  3. X factors new product

    Isn't it already black? No it's chrome?The stock ones are already black. lawl
  4. I'm trying to watch the show "Dexter" online via sho.com. It only gives me the option to "sign up" and buy showtime. But I have already bought showtime via DirecTV. Anyone know how this works?
  5. This is why you need to drive slow

    Wow man at first I just glanced over this and didn't read the text and I thought you flipped your car...
  6. Removing OEM Axle-Back

    Some people argue that without the back pressure you lose power. I'm not taking sides on that argument though.
  7. Removing OEM Axle-Back

    Yes I have done it before just to mess around... it's really freaking loud and obnoxious. I also heard you lose power if you don't have some kind of pipe from the axle-back
  8. ^ +1 I live in Texas right on the Gulf Coast and it's only supposed to snow here once every 18 years... It's snowed like once a year for the past 5 years
  9. Straight Pipe Exhaust Question

    No I don't have it on anymore sorry... I'd rather not say how much I paid for it because I was ripped off so badly it's embarrassing. A job like that should cost you 50-60 dollars maybe? Btw, the exhaust may sound awesome when you hear it on a video on youtube, but trust me, it's going to be a lot different in real life.
  10. Straight Pipe Exhaust Question

    I think that video has the resonators removed as well. I had a straight pipe axle-back made (meaning I kept my resonators and cat and all, just no muffler) and it doesn't sound too great. It's especially annoying when driving on the highway... I would say if you can find a place that will make it for you at a low price and you have some extra money to blow, then go ahead and get one and see if you like it... I personally didn't like it very much though.
  11. Project Evolution X MR

    Lol man that wing is ridiculously tall... still looks great either way though
  12. They should make a turbo kit that includes all this stuff
  13. Attention RA Owners Cobb Access Ports

    A little off topic but 93 octane isn't available everywhere. What would happen if you had no choice but to put in a lower octane gas? Really bad gas mileage? Any physical damage?
  14. Noob question about cams

    Hmm.. http://thmotorsports.com/cosworth/cosworth...ase=20004124-03 Those are made for the Evo but would it fit in ours?