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  1. >> Buy Torque Solution Front Engine Mount for Just $99.99<< Hey everyone! I'm here to make a review of this item i put into my car last year, and i am now sure to post a review on this. It is a MUST for anyone out there with a Mitsubishi Lancer. It's one of the greatest invest of only $99.99 i've made so far. I've been struggling about what else to buy for my car and i was short on money by then, and a Car Shop showed me my Motor Base was out of business and had to replace it. Replacements in my country are usually 3x the real price. Would you buy it or Better Invest in an Aftermarket with good reviews? Luckily i had a family in US and brought me this replacement and i couldn't be happier! Seriously. Disadvantages? Well, at first i noticed my car shaked a lot with it... after some time it settles and feels like a free massage along with my subwoofer sound system. So it turn out to be an Advantage. Specially my head vibrates when i lay down my seat. The vibration lowers after some time, and what's left over makes you feel your car is powerful. Advantages? This is where the item excels. The delay between pushing down the pedal, and feeling the car boost itself forward is minimum compared to the original. And i did a research on this and that's what the Mount Base claims to do Along other things. - Eliminates Wheel Hop / Traction Loss - Improved 60fts / e.t's - Made out of Lightweight 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum - Black Anodized / Torque Solution Laser engraved - 75A Durometer Bushings - Life Time Warranty >> Buy Torque Solution Front Engine Mount for Just $99.99<<
  2. Fuel Pump Replacement

    0:19 when the seat is removed.. i dont have all that aluminum isolation.. what's that for? sound? heat? what benefits do we get for having that? that's an amazing video.. doesn't look complicated to do it on your own. But i don't like messing around with gasoline. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Fuel Pump Replacement

    ------ Updated: a connector was blown, they say it may be because of the failure of multiple fuel pumps may weakened the connector. Fixed and running.
  4. Fuel Pump Replacement

    AEM Installed, worked like a charm for a week and few days.... sorry for no how-to, i don't see the install process since it's the official mitsubishi workshop. Well.. it doesn't work anymore. But this time it's different. it worked flawlessly for 10 days aprox. with instant start and everything was fine. Suddenly, it didn't stay on. It used to stop at cranking and never starting the engine. Now the it pass through the cranking and the engine starts but immediately the RPM goes down and the engine shuts down. I have no idea why, i put my car again into the dealership where they installed the fuel pump and said everything was ok. Hoping for it to be fine since i spent almost $200 and 3 weeks of waiting the replacement AEM fuel pump to arrive. Someone where i was stuck tested a trick i've never heard before: He wet a piece of cloth with gasoline and put in top of the air filter. The engine started and stayed running for as long as the piece of cloth was there. When we removed the cloth, it was like the smell was going away, the engine started to drown in RPM until it shut down. Any ideas?
  5. Fuel Pump Replacement

    Sorry for the attitude. Curious i receive this answer today, i already made my decision and went with AEM. Thank videogames for teaching me brands years ago. I remember AEM, but never Airtex. Anyways, I'll reply myself in the future when it's done and running for anyone else out there to find this.
  6. Fuel Pump Replacement

    Thanks again for no replies. Close the thread.
  7. Fuel Pump Replacement

    According to Car ID . com for our cars 2008 GTS lancer mitsubishi, there are 2 options on top of the list: Airtex E8804 aem 50-1220 Which brand is better? Airtex or Aem ? ------ come on guys, i need guidance in this. Anyone have any clue of which fuel pump i should buy? i can't find mitsubishi original. The retailer told me $1.400 for it. That's a no-no. Without the pump, my car won't start. Please reply
  8. Fuel Pump Replacement

    Ok it is confirmed it is the fuel pump that is needed. i don't know why the first one died; but the second one is known to be a common issue in my country. don't know if quality of fuel or just how the generic fuel pumps are around here. What fuel pump you recommend replacing? a generic goes around $130. i don't want to buy that again. Quantum offers via DHL 5-7 days to get a pump for less $$$ but i have no reference for that brand quality. qfs-344ft for mitsubishi lancer. on amazon, a review says an evo-x owner installed it and works. But no further information. Anyone here had any experience?
  9. Fuel Pump Replacement

    I've had like one year ago a problem with the original fuel pump where it died and i had to replace it with a generic Bosch fuel pump; and was told to keep fuel from 1/4 to full... if i let it drop below 1/4 then it overheats and starts failing until it dies. Happened again, and my car is being inspected but I'm sure it has to be it. Anyways, fuel pumps here from mitsubishi goes around $400; and over the internet i don't find only the fuel pump from: Rockauto is out of stock and only offers AIRTEX E9040 and SPECTRA PREMIUM / COOLING DEPOT SP1417 (both out of stock) offers an Electric Fuel Pump. assy. 1760A323 $438.54 - this is complete assembly, where i only need the pump. But i also found this at Amazon; they replied to an email saying it fits my Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 GTS at $80 >> << But i have never heard of Quantum Fuel Systems which leads to they say: "Lifetime warranty! Quantum has built its reputation on providing a lifetime warranty for all its OEM and performance fuel pumps " --- Do you guys have any advice for this? anyone had trouble with their fuel pump before? the key turns and lights work, no battery issues. The car won't start; it just sounds as if the key makes the start noise but the engine doesn't finish running. looks like blocked by security but the security chip is inside the key (happened to me before that it was not inside resulting into no engine starting), tried with the 2nd key and didn't work either. Last time it happened my car acted the same way. So until they give me a confirm on this, i want opinions. Thanks.
  10. ROTM May 2016

    I liked it better as black flat, but the chameleon flat adds a bonus as how the curves show even more (entrances of hood, i.e.) nice touch, do it to your interior to match and maybe engine parts too! Doesn't it get a bad view in the rear mirror (center of cabin) ? thanks for showing your nice ride!
  11. Rotm September 2014

    Lancer hatchback, wow. That doesn't exist here. Great car!
  12. Rotm June 2015

    Wow, how did you do the roof? what is it? Aerography? Vynil? Link me to it
  13. Rotm December 2015

    Does the bumper hooks have any functionality? Such a low car, you wouldn't be able to run in Guayaquil
  14. ROTM March 2016

    How is the visibility in the central rear mirror? I'm liking the big spoiler. How's the quality?
  15. My original Radiator after 8 years got cracked and some fissures in the aluminium grille; it is repaired but not guaranteed to endure much time so i need a replacement. I need a fast question about Lancer 08 GTS 2.0L radiator replacement suggestion.... I have a list in which the better-by-price options are: Valeo, Spectra, Denso, APDI..,2008,lancer,2.0l+l4,1438377,cooling+system,radiator,2172(Check Image attached) Is offering quality products? Are these direct-fit? Which one is better? ----- if none of those, can you guys link me to a good (preferably better than original) Radiator for my: Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 GTS 2.0L non-turbo... thanks!