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  1. Brushed steel wrap

    Looks Awesome, I got all the material to wrap my lancer, I will start in a couple weeks, any suggestions before I start?
  2. Plastic shelf behind rear seat rattle

    Just put a sock in between the plastic shelf and the metal part, no joke! Worked perfect for me! But if you want to remove it you have to remove the rear seat in order to do it
  3. NEW Rims or my car!!!

    Agree ^^^^
  4. DRL SOS

    And read, read, read, read those forums! Is not that hard but you really need to read and educate yourself before trying it
  5. DRL SOS

    You need to get a DRL harness or you can also disable it with ETACS decoder (more complicated) there is someone in this forum that sells the harness or eBay, just google it
  6. CAI

  7. How to replace fuel filter in Lancer CJ

    That YouTube channel have some nice DIY videos, I use one of them about 2 months ago
  8. Interior part names / codes needed

    Rainbow pen motorsports on facebook sells the AC Vent for like $15, look for it and message him. For the plastic trim I had the same problem and what I did was Putting vinyl, you can get creative too, check it out
  9. I had the same problem for almost a year, I changed bulbs and nothing, one day I was checking and i notice the plug was not connected all the way lol, check that the plug is connected tight and all the way
  10. Blue Bride Fabric door re-trim

    I used 3m fabric spray adhesive about 2 years ago on top of my oem fabric and still going strong
  11. Demon eyes

    Yes, read more about it and do it, it's pretty simple you need balls more than anything to do it for the first time but once you are doing it and is in front of you it will make sense
  12. What to do with a pzev

    Yes it will
  13. What to do with a pzev

    Get a tsudo heather back exhaust, they come with a o2 fooler or go to a shop and have it custom made for you