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  1. I would highly NOT recommend having it painted before it ships. Since it's PU, it ships in one piece.. BUT it gets folded to save space (PU is extremely flexible, therefore bending it to ship isn't an issue). That's how my VLip came in.
  2. 08/14/2013 - Mini Photo shoot / Harness Bar / Wingless? Went up to PA to get a few photos in (since we were bored on a Sunday). Hopefully I can get my other friend to take photos on his camera and get some decent editing in. Also tried out wingless to see how that looks.
  3. Varrstoen 2.2

    From the album August, 2013

    Powdercoated Miner's Gold, 18x8.5
  4. Drivetrain/clutch Slippage

    Not sure where to put this, but here it goes: At my friend's house parked in his driveway. It's steep, but not TOO steep.. not sure what grade. ANYWAY, I park and throw it into 1st gear with handbrake. If I release the handbrake, the car moves roughly 6 inches, "grabs", and then moves another 6 inches. I'm not sure if this is the clutch slipping (which I don't get slippage when doing the 30mph /4th gear test), or if it's just the drivetrain/compression turning over.. And if so, is it bad? I've never noticed this happening before. It's an '09 with 80 miles. Any suggestions / bad news? haha
  5. Pretty good write-up! I know TorqueSolutions makes mounts for our Lancers, but you're looking at about $99 for all three inserts, or about $99 for just the main mount. If I wasn't planning on getting rid of the car and wanted to 'racecar mode' it, I would have definitely done this! There's some much more feeling you get with the car, and the wheel-hop/torque steer almost vanishes (paired up with a torque damper). Of course you're going to feel it in the cabin, because the engine is solid with the chassis, which is racekor inspired.
  6. My old set is going to be my winter rims, but I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. Currently they're being used as a table in my room, so as winter draws closer, I'll figure out what I want to do with them.
  7. Relocating Awc Button.

    All those "blank" buttons have different features on different models of cars. The Outlander Sport, Lancer, Ralliart, and Evo all have the same chassis, as well as the same wiring harness. The left side of the steering wheel holds HID Leveling, Traction Control, etc.. whereas the center console has the AWC Control, Seat Heaters, etc. I'm not sure how the 2012 SE interiors are, but the instructions look pretty good to follow. Good luck!
  8. Hm actually not too sure. I may be done with her until I upgrade, as I havne't really had any big ideas. Thanks! Haha, that sounds good man. There aren't many Lancers in northern MD, so it's tough to find people to hang out with.
  9. Traction Control

    Yeah, 2008-2009 do not have traction control. So, I could spin my front tires all day. haha Actually it makes burnouts so much easier. ;P
  10. Haha, why remove the mudflaps?! I got them as one of the first few upgrades because of the rock chips that we get on our side panels. Hahaha, thanks! @Charmcity: Where in MD do you live? Charm City = Baltimore, and I'm about 20 minutes away. haha We should meet up sometime! Yessir. 245/35's BFGoodrich Geforce T/As
  11. Overheating

    Well, if you're saying intercooler, they may have been "transmission cooler", and if that's the case.. it's probably going to run you $350+ for the part, and it does do its job, but not worth in, imo. There are better fluids out there. Take it to the dealer if they're the ones that originally changed the fluid, so they'll be responsible.
  12. 05/24/2013 - New Fuel Door Now, this usually isn't what most people call an "upgrade", rather than a downgrade, but I felt fit to REMOVE my alloy fuel door you get from the dealership, and swap it out with a normal door. It flows much nicer with the car and I love it! EricGTS is now the proud new owner of an alloy door for his GG GTS. Now she's clean.
  13. Thanks a bunch! I'm really liking it. (Actually, when I woke up Monday morning, I had a damn flat tire! lol) Did you post up those pictures from the show? I thought you did, but I couldn't access them.
  14. 05/06/2013 - Varrstoen 2.2.2 18x8.5 Well, the unveiling was at King Mitsubishi yesterday, so some on the forum got to see them in person.. but here they are! At the shop on the 11th hour before the show.. Varrstoen 2.2.2 18x8.5 wrapped in BFGoodrich GeForce T/A 245/40/18 Powdercoated Miner's Gold @ East Coast Powdercoating in North East, MD More pictures to come as soon as Mr. Harrison uploads them.
  15. Throttle Body Retune

    lol I was talking about AFR's, he was talking about MPGs.