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  1. How To Video: Install Paddle Shifters On Lancers

    Uhh no offense but wtf? Ill break it down. Manual is dying off unfortunately and its manually controlled by a clutch (your foot) and your hand (shifting gears). If you want paddle shifters its on the cvt or ts-sst mr evo transmission. There is such thing called airshifting which is the use of a paddle shift on race cars however. But technology is getting to the point that an auto transmission in certain vehicles is quicker than manual. But theres no real thrill in it like it used to be
  2. 05 Dodge Magnum, Away From The Euros

    yea and man is it mean! can't wait till i can get the exhaust on it, I'm currently trying to sell or trade the wheels
  3. 05 Dodge Magnum, Away From The Euros

    as of now this is how the magnum sits:
  4. 05 Dodge Magnum, Away From The Euros

    idk mn.. im leaning more towards the charger srt wheels at work, cant copy direct image links
  5. Hey everyone, its been awhile since I have been able to get on. I have apparently missed a lot.. specially since reading carlos stepped down as an admin. however over the past few years, I have ended up selling the mk6 jetta due to the lady whom I had an accident with within the first 3 months of owning the car, started to sue the insurance company causing my insurance to sky rocket. I ended up getting an mk4 jetta, rebuilding it from the ground up and its been another s10 of mine. been a bit ridiculous and fortunately but unfortunately I ended up buying another car, with an extended warranty and I think this was one of the best decisions ive made. granted the gas isn't the best. but its got a hemi, and its got an unbelievable drive to it. already did the diablosport tune and what a monster its become. it came with 22's on it, and going to be selling them, looking into the factory 20 inch srt wheels. Must have the exhaust done and headers down the road. I will be working on a retrofit and already have the design in mind on what im wanting to do. just waiting till I have time to pull the trigger. Also been talking to my interior upholstery guy to redo the interior in a black suede headliner, and doing the seats in a black suede with gray diamond stitching to go with the black and gray interior the magnum already has. ive missed this forum and agree with carlos that it is one of the best communities to be around. whether you own a lancer or not. so how is everyone doing?
  6. 8Th Boost For Boobs, Orlando

    won't make it. gonna be in tampa that day if i get off
  7. Dave's Vw Jetta Build

    well had some more updates. starting the reupholster on the car, did the trunk liner so far. going to be starting on the wood trunk floor soon enough, also got two new front seats out of an audi a4 b5. had to slightly adjust the brackets to fit but works perfectly. we did the boser hood, installed a beige headliner, and just got a full time job over at the hard rock, and will be making killer money on top of eurocar accents. expect a lot to come soon
  8. Dave's Vw Jetta Build

    heres the latest update on the car. drove up to daytona beach, met up with someone and traded my old longbeach rims which is what my car came with, for some r32 wheels. Also found some perfectly good vmaxx extreme coilovers in the junkyard, black door cards, and started the rebuild of the interior being black and beige. for now i will leave you with this. i just spent the time to clean off all the plastidip as kayla used a shit load of goo gone and once we were done pressure washing it, i took a rag and went by hand and cleaned it. the car drives incredible now. so much better than my old mk6 solo works coils and has a better ride than my air system did
  9. Dave's Vw Jetta Build

    so heres an update.. i got the car up and running after getting it towed to the dealer, and also got my coil packs changed as i got it covered under a recall! but tonight i blew out my cuppler on the front mount and it was pouring rain. got the car home, and got some work to do tomorrow, and going to be starting a lot of work on both kayla's audi and my mk4.
  10. Dave's Vw Jetta Build

    heres my most recent upgrade to the car while its down due to losing the immobilizer... /facepalm got a forge 007 diverter valve, polished the crap out of it and installed the fmic and piping (piping just shown here) crash bar has been cut and installed back on the car, and is ready for a bigger intercooler picking up new coilpacks to replace these chinese **** and lowering suspension today. then im going to be working on ripping out the interior and storing it somewhere so i can rip out the carpet and start the cleanup and restoring. also got the candy cane tail lights and theyre gorgeous! will post pics later once the car is mobile again, ill be picking up the intake manifold gaskets and get my polished manifold on the car, and then work on the rerouting of the boost gauge and proper installation area... also degreased the engine bay so its nice and clean
  11. Dave's Vw Jetta Build

    NOW! i leave you all with these pics, finally making some progress...... my Getta! heres the retrofitted headlights: audi steering wheel: got rid of the horrible boost gauge setup and got the dual pod steering wheel cover, in the process of looking for an oil pressure gauge now and figuing out what brand i want in this pic, i was test fitting the intercooler and going to be fixing that later today, NO i did not leave it mounted....: and more pics to come... interior is ripped apart LOL, just trying to source out the parts i want in the best condition possible
  12. Dave's Vw Jetta Build

    so the build has officially started! the brakes are still good, just needed to tighten the ebrake tensioner, retrofitted the headlights and have an amber demon eye with red reverse halo and unfortunately running on plastic lens until i get the extra cash to upgrade to glass lens. Also just a few minutes ago, just saved 25.00 going through my buddy steve and his discount on an intake manifold gasket so i can get that replaced without any delay. Im going to be picking up 20th anniversary gauge cluster needles, and aluminum trim for the cluster, new intake manifold, and a new key fob tomorrow morning from my buddy greg. then whenever i get over to the JY, gonna pocket me another VR6 injector and put them inside the new manifold a day or two ago i had test fit the fmic i have and its actually too big. Now i am going to be cutting the crash bar for it to fit properly. Once my 3ds sells, ill have the money for the fmic piping I need. Also got a set of tahoe lights were finishing up and gonna get the remaining 240 from it, have another mk4 jetta to finish up, have a replacement morimoto relay for his harness, and getting an extra 60 for that and replacement caps, have some black chromed g35 housings were adding a halo to, and thats another extra 200 and have a vw cc retrofit this weekend. so gonna have some nice income very soon, paying bills and back to the work ill go ahead and start leaving you guys with some pics.... heres when i first got the car: notice tinted boost gauge and how its mounted to the pillar? silver spray paint... black pillar universal piece *sigh* rigged boost gauge switch for the light under steering wheel... this kid thought he was cool... smh if you see below LOOK at the intake manifold... thats the boost gauge wire... ugh, no comment. also note the dry rotted coolant ball, chinese coilpacks, walmart battery, and factory intake... heres a side shot of the injectors currently inside the car.. if im replacing the intake manifold and i got leaking gas, i was saying why dont i just get the injectors to go with it....
  13. Dave's Vw Jetta Build

    so... long story short today, my fuel filter came loose while i was driving around and thank god we caught it before something happened... been working on fixing all of the rigging, which isnt much otherwise. going to be putting new brakes on, and adjusting the ebrake cable tension and hopefully dont need to run a new cable from it being stretched out. need to get the vr6 injectors put in and also need to replace my intake manifold pulled the rigged boost gauge wires out and need to tap into the headlight switch so it turns on when my lights are on and then eventually put a good quality gauge in and move it from my pillar to the steering column in the process of pulling everything apart, and swapping everything over to beige pieces. also in the process of rewiring the sound system and at least doing it the proper way... and running the wires lol, and getting new speakers/amp/subwoofer/ipad dash install going to be doing my headlight retrofit eventually, hoping to start that once all the critical maintenance is done like the brakes and my power steering pump/line, and check out the fuel filter. this is all i can update for now... car sounds like a nightmare but im getting a lot of parts cheap/free because i got people whom have spares and had stuff pulled for me just encase i ever went mk4 lol
  14. Dave's Vw Jetta Build

    lmfao! you guys are a trip... ill post up pics later when i really get the chance too theres a lot going on at once right now... ugh lol
  15. Dave's Vw Jetta Build

    LMFAOOOOO im not trolling you as you may think.... I went to the exhaust shop today to put back as much factory exhaust pieces and cat as possible... but i ended up getting another jetta, bought it last thursday and yes it has a 5 speed, and yes it is turboed. For those who were wondering... Ive already started ripping out the interior as its going to be completely redone, and i have a power steering leak which is not a big deal.. typical with these. its got the best motor which is the awp and best 5 speed transmission for this gen, which is the 02m. ive already thrown on the gti front end, as this is going to be one hell of a build its also an mk4 paid off, cheap ass insurance, and quick as fuh pushing 11lbs factory.