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  1. Possible Electrical Issue.

    same thing happened to me. Turns out that the positive terminal was loose. Seeing as how the your car was fine after you reconnect the negative terminal, it might have been the same issue for you but with the negative terminal. Weird thing is that after I tighten it and started the car, the SES light came up and it ended up throwing a ECM malfunction code. Still trying to figure out why the code was thrown.
  2. P0606 Code

    Oh ok. I'll have to check tomorrow, kinda dark out now. Thanks though!
  3. P0606 Code

    I checked the fuse but what do I do with the ECU? As in what do I check or look for?
  4. P0606 Code

    So my car wouldn't start and I found out that it was because there was a problem with the screw on the battery terminal so it couldn't make any contact at times. Fixed that but now the car is throwing the SES light and the code that auto zone gave me is a P0606 code. Definition of the code is ECM main processor malfunction and probable cause is failed ECM. These were from the slip auto zone gave me. Anyone else received this code before? I'm really hoping it's not the ECM cause that would be f***ing expensive to replace. Also, there is some corrosion on the terminal. I cleaned it but couldn't get all of it off, gonna try to replace it soon. Could corrosion on the terminal cause the SES light to come on? Thanks in advance.
  5. One Key Stops Working

    All the buttons, lock, unlock, trunk, and panic button Dang, how much did it cost you?
  6. I have regular keys not the fast key. My keys stopped working all of a sudden. I know it's not the battery. I got the car battery charged, it died, and the the battery on the key replaced. The lights on the key lights up when I press any button but nothing happens. My spare key works though. Any one have any idea on what the problem could be? Thanks in advance.
  7. Make Your Rear Bumper Look Better For $20!

    I did it about a year ago so it's not new but it looks good either way! especially since your car isn't gray like mine so you can see it better.
  8. Would It Fit?

    So do I need front and rear fender rolled or just the rear with 18x8.75 +35 on 235/40? also, will this tire size square up with the wheels or will i need 245/40? TIA
  9. Houston Car Scene

    There is a lancer club in houston. check out Also, there was a meet this past saturday and yesterday. Houston is big on the car scene so theres a few meets every month
  10. Window Tint New Solution?

    which trim do u have? cause i checked mine & its soft on the inner side like felt and hard plastic on the outer side. I have an ES btw
  11. Window Tint New Solution?

    doesnt the 09 models already have felt? cause i think mine does cause I dont have a single scratch on my tint
  12. Projectors?

    any updates? I WANT PROJECTORS!!!!
  13. Angel Eye Problem?

    one of mine went out a while back but i was told it had to do somthin bout too much back voltage, idk wat that means tho
  14. Lancer a money pit?

    lol he diss the lancer for slow acceleration but then tells us to get a corolla which is even slower