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  1. I'd like to announce that today is Project Lancers 10th year anniversary!
  2. New Chatbox

    All, I've ditched the previous shout box due to on going issues and extremely limited support. I've replaced it with a new chat box which i hope will be problem free. Let me know if any issues are encountered!
  3. Roms

  4. Shoutbox Temporarily Disabled

    I'd like it to, company that originally developed it has been brought and sold a bunch of times in the past few months. The latest company that has acquired it now appears more stable and are stating it will be realest bug free shortly.
  5. Tyler Carter From Project Import Saying Hello!

    Tyler, Good to see you've signed up. Welcome!
  6. For the time being I have replaced the Shoutbox with the Chat section of the site. As many of you have realized there have been weird issues throughout the site regarding posting pics, editing posts, changing titles, etc. These have all been symptoms of conflicting code of the shout box and the main core code of the site. I've tried for the past few weeks to mitigate the issues but I have not been successful and I rather the entire site be functional rather then just one app. The developer is aware of the conflicting code of the Shoutbox but is very slow to create fixes. Once I can confirm that the developer has completely removed the bugs from the shout box app I will bring it back. Sorry Shoutbox addicts. -Josh
  7. My Lancer sportback

    Ya that is ideal and I think the bugs are out of the image uploader but I'm still tracking down a few issues.
  8. My Lancer sportback

    There isn't a strict limit on it based on user groups but I believe the software we run has a cap of around 50 photos per post. Easiest thing to do Is create a gallery and upload all your photos on there. Then when you post you can select insert other media and select any photo from your gallery. IE has always been a thorn for every web developer, I try to make sure we work consistently on all the browsers but IE is always the problem.
  9. My Lancer sportback

    Welcome to Project Lancer! Sorry about the technical issues, we are actively working on squashing all the bugs, if you ever encounter issues with the site please let me know.
  10. ROTM April 2016

    Why do you think your lancer should be ROTM? It's been a long journey to finally have my dream car: Evo X MR. For those of you who don't know me, I started out with a leased 2008 Lancer GTS in July 2007. I didn't know much about these cars at all besides the fact that I loved the exterior, and that the Evo was the top of the line. I began to learn about the car through here in early 2011. In doing that, I caught the mod bug. Unfortunately, my GTS was a lease, so I only Plastidipped the wheels. When my 5 year lease was almost over in March 2012, I purchased my previous car; 2012 Ralliart. I had no idea how a turbo worked, or even what it really was. I was awake countless nights, learning how a turbo works and learning how every part of the car has a purpose. I did a few things to my Ralliart, but wanted more. 3 years and a few days later, in April 2015, I traded in my Ralliart for a 2015 Evo X MR. I never thought I'd be able to purchase this car, but like most people would've done... it was a deal that I couldn't pass up. Unfortunately, in the one year that I've had it, I've had 2 accidents. We won't get into that, but my journey with this car will continue until it goes in the ground!! Future Plans? I don't have too many plans for it. -Front Mount Intercooler -Lower Intercooler Pipe -Blow Off Valve -Drop In Filter -Window Tint -Paint / Wrap Interior Trim -Wire Blue LEDs To A Switch -Retrofit Projectors Current Mod List? -Agency Power Catback Exhaust -OEM Window Visors -Blue Interior LEDS -Blue LED DRLs -Blue LED Fog Lights -White LED Parking Bulbs -White LED License Plate Bulbs -Smoked Blue LED Sidemarkers -Custom Blue Billetworkz Cory Burgess Shift Knob -No Name Upper Intercooler Pipe (Not Installed) -Evo 8/9 Side Skirt Extensions (Not Installed) -Ralliart Style Front Lip (Not Installed)
  11. Hello All, It has come to my attention in the past week or so that some users were experiencing difficulties posting photos using the build in attachment function in posts. I have implemented a few patches and upgraded some of our software and it looks like the issue has been resolved. For those affected users if you could please test and confirm whether the issue has been resolved. Josh
  12. Mine Progress Thread

    Nice! It came out great! I'll be adding something similar to these on the PL store soon for others if interested.
  13. ROTM March 2016

    Why do you think your Lancer should be ROTM? Well I like what I am doing with the car, so may be more people would enjoy it as well. Although I focus primarily on function over looks, I still can't ever walk away my car without turning my head back. Future plans? As always a scary long list of things I want - stuff that is 100% happening in the coming couple of months - brake system overhaul - Evo X Bosch master brake cylinder with brake booster, has been siting in the storage for some time waiting to be installed. It will go together with 2WD ABS/ASC module from 2011 Lancer as the 2008 one I have now is fried and is the same as the 4WD Evo X abs module which has too much bias to the rear brakes. Also a battery trunk relocation kit has been collecting dust for some time and needs to be installed at some point. Clutch Masters FX350 clutch and lightweight flywheel is happening very soon. More of a wishlist position is a Cusco LSD 455 for the gear box, probably not this year. Evo X hood of aftermarket so I can stop lifting the bonnet at track days. In general I want to go with light weight hood and trunk. I need some better seats, Evo X Recaros would be nice but if I can't find any I will resort to fixed racing seats and deep dish steering wheel. One thing for sure - I promise to stop changing wheels every couple of months! Current mod list Probably easier to list what has not been modified I will keep it short as this can be long with boosted cars. The car is modified to be used as track day fun car. Powerwise: (around 300hp on the crank at 6900 rpm and 12.5 psi turbo pressure, red line at 7500rpm, 1:9.6 static compression, 12 bar/175psi dynamic compression) 1.3mm Cosworth headgasket, ARP head studs Evo X camshafts and upgraded timing chain, Brian Crower valve springs Evo X injectors, fuel pump, map sensor, iat2 sensor, intercooler Lancer Ralliart turbo, manifold, downpipe, Grimmspeed 3-port boost controler Custom upper, lower intercooler piping, Synapse Synchronic BOV AEM 3" Ralliart cold air intake (installed as SRI atm) Custom oil catch can with pcv delete, 16 row oil cooler with thermostat and fan Evo X ecu, self tuned, wideband afr, boost, oil temperature and pressure gauges 3" UR high flow cat on stock 2.5" Evo X midpipe and 2.5" open muffler Suspension and brakes-wise: Ceika BBK 6pot front, 4 pot rear, 330mm disks, steel brake lines Tein Street Flex coilovers with 9/7 kg/mm springs, rotated top mounts and extra camber bolts Whiteline 26mm 2way adj front ARB, 24mm 3way adj rear ARB with Whiteline endlinks Whiteline anti lift and caster bushing kit Cusco lower control arm brace, Cusco rear strut bar, stock front strut bar The rest: Full option stock interior, stock RF sound, on the outside the most noticeable change is the Evo X replica wing I've been changing wheels and tires quite a lot in the last couple of years but I eventually settled on some custom made real racing wheels ATS DTC 18x8.5 +35 covered with the best tire I've had so far - Yokohama AD08R
  14. New to this site

    Welcome to PL, though you joined in 2010. Weird question but what internet browser are you currently using?
  15. Shoutbox

    We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the shout box and it will be back online as soon as possible!