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  1. Engine parts compatibilty

    What parts are you looking for
  2. 4B12 Intake Cam

    You should looking into getting you ecu flashed,
  3. 4B12 Intake Cam

    Are you looking for better low end power or mid-range top end power
  4. 4B12 Intake Cam

    You might be better off using Evo x camshaft
  5. 4B12 Exhaust Manifold

    My 2016 lancer sel has that manifold
  6. Overheat

    How bad was the old headgasket
  7. Gts shifter or Paddle shifters 2016 es

    You have to look and see if the harness is there by the steering column
  8. ABS

    I bought the$20 sensors online,no issue make sure you get the correct side
  9. Aftermarket Internal Options

    What compression pistons are you looking for
  10. Rear Camber Arms. Yeah Buddy.

    send me a email at disimazda23@gmail.com for cost
  11. I know where to get stiffer springs and a lift kit if you want to rallyx. shoot me a email disimazda23@gmail.com
  12. Installed My Rpw 4-2-1 Headers

    do you have any pictures of the header installed
  13. Rear Camber Arms. Yeah Buddy.

    No picture from a far. There are a couple cars in florida driving with these arms. Nicole is always in Tampa
  14. Rear Camber Arms. Yeah Buddy.

    Yes i was the one that nicole got her camber arms from
  15. If you have after market rotor and pads and still have vibrations check tires then check alignment