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  1. Sound is present even when AC is off, but I'll take a look/listen. Belt was just replaced but might as well inspect that too. Thanks guys!
  2. hey PL, I'm having a weird problem with my car. It's a 2010 SE 5spd. A few weeks back I noticed that when driving slow (~5-10km/h) and occasionally (though seldom) when stopped, there is a high pitched squeak/squeal/chirp sound comming from my engine bay. It's very different from a loose belt sound and reminds me more of an electrical motor squeal so I thought it might be my radiator or something else. I brought my car to the dealership and they couldn't replicate the sound. I even played them a video of it and the tech said he couldn't hear what I was talking about. Here's a link to the video ... don't mind the first sound as it's me opening my windows, and the last sound are my door locks (which auto-engage at 20km/h). I've tried popping the hood to listen for it but whenever I do, the sound is gone or barely audible. I did once stop at an intersection and the sound was loud enough that people were looking at me funny. Unfortunately it was downtown Toronto during rush hour so I couldn't exactly jump out of my car and pop the hood. Dealership said there was a small air leak from my headers, which are aftermarket (RRM v2 4-1 headers), but they refused to try replacing the gaskets even though they are the same as OEM header gaskets and he described it as a pssstttt sound and not a squeal. I also had my belt changed as they were checking my pulley (original OEM) for the recall but found no problems with it. The sound level dropped temporarily so the tech couldn't hear it during a drive around, but it came back during my drive home. I did manage a quick video on my way home from the dealership where the sound is barely noticeable but present. I think it might actually be comming from the headers? I tried searching PL and evom, as well as youtube, but couldn't find a similar sound/problem. Any thoughts or insight would be greatly appreciated! Note: I bought the headers used but have had them on for the last 3 years with no issues. Other engine/exhaust mods are motor mounts, SRI and exhaust with resonator.
  3. Am Air Intake + Ra Snorkel?

    Some SRI's can use the snorkel to help pull in colder air, like the Takeda. Couldn't find a shot of my engine bay but here's one on PL from a quick google image search. http://i1286.photobucket.com/albums/a606/Zninja17/F759CA08-4BD6-4FD9-8AFB-AED40FC53F74-6842-0000055404307576_zps75afeed7.jpg Works with NA snorkel and RA snorkel.
  4. Reupholstered Door Inserts

    Thanks everyone! @RalliArtist, yes the print is Cherry Blossoms. It's on a Chinese silk. Few tips if you're doing this. Inserts are about 29" wide and 16" in height each. Give yourself some extra material. Door panels come out pretty easy ... three screws on each door (one visible, two hidden behind lever and handle) ... then just pull the door panel off starting from the bottom (it's held in by plastic clips). Requires a good tug to get started. The fabric inserts can be completely removed from the rest of the door panel. They're just held in by a lot of screws (about a dozen or so). I cleaned the existing fabric and cut the cloth to size with a bit of excess, then sprayed the inserts with 3M Super77 adhesive spray. I started at the top doing about 3-4 inches, and then working my way down. Toughest part is wrapping the fabric over the armrest sections. I bought a small paint roller (from the dollar store) to help press the fabric against the insert. Once the fabric was on, I trimmed the edges and put the inserts back on the door. This would also be a good time to paint/wrap/replace the door trim if you were looking to do that as well.
  5. Reupholstered Door Inserts

    So I felt a need to add a bit of colour and cover up the cheap black fabric on the door panels, so I bought some silk fabric and reupholstered my doors. This was actually extremely easy to do. Door panels come off pretty easily and the fabric insert is removed with a "few" screws from the back. Fabric cut and applied and doors back on in about 1/2 day. Used 3M Super 77 spray adhesive if anyone is curious.
  6. I have the X-Factor Vortex Generator ... fits is amazing. I know someone who had a different one which flew off on the highway. This one tucks in under the rear window and on the sides by the water channels (though you need to be careful removing a few of the clips little pink clips that hold the channel covers down). Also has some 3M tape, so it's pretty secure. I've had it on since spring 2010 and have had zero issues with it. Sorry I don't have a better picture on hand. They are also custom cut to fit around your antenna base.
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