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  1. Lowering The Cr On 4B12

    Intake manifold from the evo I believe will fit but don't holdme to that. As far as the turbo you can go bigger but I say wait until your ready to completly build the motor to hold higher psi. That's the biggest problem is that the piston and such in the motor can and will not tolerate anything above 8 psi. Hg has to be custom made unless you get lucky and find a shop that already makes them. Try,,, etc. If not gonna need to find a machine shop to make one. But since this gen is so new the aftermarket support isn't there yet like it should be. But if you have any other questions pls feel free to pm me anytime
  2. Lowering The Cr On 4B12

    Ok your def gonna have to do several things inorder to hold more boost. Now first is gonna be new pistons and sleeves because as you know we have aluminum blocks. 87MM is good and comp for best boost advantage is 8:1. You can use 9:1 but then the headgasket can be thicker to help lower compression. Head gaskets are made at machine shops which is where you gonna need to be to not only get a custom jead gasket but to also bore out your block for the new pistons. Crank may need to be changed as well but I really don't think the 2.4 is gonna need one. Head work s gonna be needed as well. Now this all depends on how much boost and whp your looking on achieving but regardless its expensive. Now if your runnin a 5 speed tranny I know of a guy who sucessfully made a ralliart 4B11T swap with custom axles. He puttin down 325WHP with some minor tuning and some evo parts.
  3. Q About Wiring Relays

    It would be a little bit of wiring but it can be done. Let me take a look at a wiring diagram and I will pm you on how to wire it up.
  4. Bought My Angel Eyes!

    It doesn't take 2 days for a proper seal. Just have to make sure that once the polybutyl sealant is heated up you seat the leans to housing good and keep pressure on it until sealant is cooled down. That's all.
  5. 35w safest way to go. Xenon bulbs put out way more heat than you would think but everyone makes mistakes. Hope you can salvage the housing.
  6. Tail Light Out

    Do you still have stocks or aftermarkets? You might have a bad brake switch or a loose connection @ 1 of the wiring harnesses going to the brake light. If you have aftermarket LED taillights the control module on the inside of the taillight maybe defective
  7. Ricer?

    I feel like they are a cheap replica of the JDM LED taillights just gone wrong lol. But to each it own.
  8. I'm searching the net for a diagram I once had and must have deleted. The projector on the oem kit is bi xenon right? Meaning it does low and high beam. I might be able to draw out a diagram for you if that is the case. But I will continue to try to find the diagram again.
  9. True D2S bulbs cost $24.99 on ebay and the D2S connectors are $19.99. Here are the links. That one is for the adapter I have bought from them before. Good sellers. Takes 3 days to receive product from them.
  10. Ricer?

    I have had mine for about a yr and a half. No issues at all. And I bought way before they even hit ebay. I bought mine from a website from singapore. I love mine.
  11. Engine Build Advice

    First I'm gonna say I had this idea awhile back and did a lot of research. Out 4b11 motor is the biggest piece of **** on the market. Our motors and trannys aren't worth dumping any money into them. I went to a local shop called 1320 Engineering and they mainly work on evos. They told me that what it would cost me over 4 grand to get close to 300hp boosted. Stock sleeves would need to be bored out, all cams, valves, pistons,crank shafts etc would need to be replaced and the worst part of all is the aluminum block. My boy Gary had a 5 speed GTS and built his motor. Installed a turbo kit. Dyno tested it and everything. 1 month later he seized the motor. Our cars are all show and no go period. Suggest saving up and trading in for an evo.
  12. Another summer project

    My friend does interiors. He said the best thing to use is contact cement. You can buy it @ home depot. He did his whole car in albino snake skin and it looks hot.
  13. I cant Believe someone did this to their lancer!

    Wow I was thinking the same damn thing lol
  14. *demon Eyes*

    No you can't run both. And I would suggest you don't. Also don't need another set of headlights. If you have 2 to 3 days that you gonna be off of work or school and have the time I say do the retrofit then.
  15. I understand. Just saying its way cheaper to retrofit than go with oem unless you get lucky with a set of evo lights which I think are ok minus the small high beam reflector bowl.