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  1. Have any pics? Im having a hard time picturing what it is. I too notice the ratcheting and would like a good solution.
  2. Another Turbo Thread.....

    Yes I am. You will be getting much more than 200whp at 11psi
  3. Another Turbo Thread.....

    at 8 psi Im running right around 227 whp and thats on my tune. Im sure I could still safely squeeze out a few more if I got it professionally tuned
  4. Another Turbo Thread.....

    1. The turbo doesn't matter, the evo turbo spools a little later than the ralliart one, so it comes down to driving preference more than internals. 2.and 4. Cant really help you here. Im still using the stock ECU 3. I bought an aftermarket wastegate but had to fabricate a connecting rod. If you arent good at those sort of things it might be easier just to go the ralliart route. 5. You are missing an intake system, intercooler unit and piping, and all the oil lines. You also can use the stock MAF but you do need a new MAP sensor 3bar is recommended over 4bar
  5. Position/orientation Of First Oxygen Sensor

    how close is the sensor to the turbo. If you are too close you wont get good readings and can even damage the sensor
  6. Fender Problem

    Thats not from rubbing. It looks like that's from harder impacts with the tire/rim. Its bending inwards because thats the only direction it can buckle. If you think about it, it wouldnt make sense to bow outwards on impact with the angles that the fender is to the rim. I assume it'll keep happening until you get the fender to stop making contact. Either way I feel for you man.
  7. Lancer De 2010 Turbo

    issue is in boost control or traction. I cant get more than 5psi either because my wheels spin with any more boost in 1st gear. What BOV are you using?
  8. Diy Turbo Installation Guide (Part 1 Of 3)

    good write up. It brings back so many memories of frustration and joy during my install. My only suggestion is, I found it much easier to attach the turbo to the manifold before and then sliding the whole assembly behind the engine from up top. It took 20 minutes to figure out how to make it fit but I wasted much more time trying to get the turbo in from the bottom.
  9. Afr On The 2008 Gts

    btw you have your lean and rich maps confused. The larger the number, the leaner the ratio unless you are using fuel/air ratios. Double check it.
  10. Afr On The 2008 Gts

    numbers seem very lean for full power compared to what I tuned for with boost. I was aiming for 11.5 -12.5 at WOT. I also cant see your photos theyre very compressed.
  11. Thinking About Running 93

    Let me explain to you all what an octane index is. The octane number simply refers to the gas's ability to resist detonation under the same environment. So for example a higher octane fuel is less likely to detonate under a high pressure environment (without a spark) than a lower octane fuel. The reason you would need to use higher octane fuel in some cars is because Their performance maps create an environment where low octane fuels would pre-detonate, causing knock and eventually ruining an engine. This goes the same for tuning our cars for more power or adding a turbo. So in conclusion, if you put high octane fuel in our car, you gain no performance benefits, but also dont hurt anything. Now if you put low octane in a car which requires higher octane, you lose performance and can damage the engine over time.
  12. Turbocharging 2012 Manual Lancer

    A few of us have done it. I assume you have a 2.4L engine? check out the threads above and do lots of research. But if you are serious about this, prepare for your powertrain warranty to be out the window
  13. Apparently I'm Going Turbo

    Glad to see someone else boosting a lancer. All I can say is start saving money for tires you are gonna need them sooner than you think. Good luck on the build!
  14. Upcoming Florida Shows/meets - 2014

    I'm still living in Gainesville. I might have to go and meet up with you all
  15. Gts Vs Mustang?

    If you're not first, you're last. Those cars are pretty heavy and the earlier ones have terrible traction control, if you can start well you may beat the 2000 models to 60 but thats about it. Otherwise you are pretty toast in comparison even to the v6's