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  1. Hi, I would like to hear from you about turbocharging a 4a92(the 1.6L engine of a lancer ex). Is it reasonable to turbo charge the engine without affecting is reliability? PSI would be at 7 only. 

  2. Hi, I'm a little new to the tuning game, and I have a 2.4l 2010 gts and I was looking into options on putting in a turbo, I was going to go with RA turbo and aftermarket intercooler kit but this issue I always run into is the ecu, do I use my base ecu or find a RA ecu with the boost controller. Having a base lancer I know I can't use the cobb tuner... any ideas on what options I might have.

    1. Conroy36


      Following this as well just got a full turbo set up from a ralliart do u no if a ralliart ecu will work with the imbolizer?

  3. did you have the rom file for tunning a gts 09?

  4. Dc Sport Headers?

    i use thier ralliart test pipe and from what i have seen, it is affordable and of high quilty. I'll be buying their ra catback exhaust and evo x turbo manifold very soon!!! can i suggest you check out their prices and way lower and includes free shipping. customer servicwe is freaking awesome on top of that.
  5. Lowering The Cr On 4B12

    Things have been crazy lately ill check my email now. Intake manifold bolts right up. Heres what your going to need for that to work. Evo or ra intake manifold intake manifold gasket Short bolts for the manifold evo x fuel rail evo x fuel pump assembly 1/4 inch fuel line 15 feet to be safe various vaccum lines either 4g69 throttle body, evo or ra or eclipse 3.8 gt 2006+ stock ra lower intercooler piping
  6. Lowering The Cr On 4B12

    You would need to buy a signle stock piston from mitsubishi, get a build ticket from wiseco and send it to them.. They charge $600 for a custom piston kit. Dont worry about head gaskets just yet, besides evo x head gaskets are way diffrent from the 4b11 and 4b12 na motors. You could not get it to work ( ask me how i know..lmao ) Also why do you assume you cant run 10-11 psi? Sleeves and crap like that are not need for that low of boost.. Also boost is not whats going to kill your motor. Think effect compression. At 10:5:1 running 11 psi you will still stay under 18:1 effective compression which is fine on pump gas. As long as you can keep cyl temps down and control dentonaion you can run whatever boost you want. The internals on our motors 4b series are forged anyways. Also you will get better turbo response by running a boost controller and turning it up to 10-11 psi verses running a wastgate spring at 11 psi. Stick with the ra wastegate and by a hallman pro boost controller. The key is in the tune If your afraid of blowing it up run it rich under boost 10.5-11.0 afrs. Even when you add throttle bodies and intakes you might change your tune half a point leaner its a simple fix. Also 8:1 for a street motor is waaaaaayyyy to low of compression. That would be the most boring car to drive. 9:1 no less or your going to hate yourself for it. Besides if you can achieve 300 hp with 9:1 and 15 psi of boost, it would take more boost to achieve that same power on 8:1 maybe 20 psi. So now your getting more heat from the turbo running harder and actually losing power in the top end. Also take in to consideration 4b11 at 10:1 running 11 psi will make less power then a 4b12 10:5 at 8 psi.
  7. 4B11 Dyno List

    223hp 230 lbs tq 11psi stock motor with turbo added.
  8. Performance Loss?!

    did you think to check your spark plugs? Spark plugs will tell you alot about your engine. Depending on your milage on your car might be time for new ones. Check your plugs are report back to the forums!!
  9. Engine Build Advice

    well first thing first. Stage 3 cams as far i know have not been attempted yet on a 4b11 na with stock pistons. Stage 2 brian crowlers have been done many time over and have proven great results for turbo and non turbo applications. You will need new valve sprngs and retainers in order to use stage 2 cams. my question for you is do you plan on truly getting a turbo installed? If not then go all out of the p n p work on the intake. If your not the money spent would not yield results worth spending money on. maybe 10hp. On a forced induction motor you really dont need to worry about port and polish. hence the term forced induction. Na applications yield better results since they dont have the forced air supplied by a turbo or supercharger. my advice save your money! The intake and throttle body are great idea's. there is bit more involved then pull off and put on. I will explain in greater detail tomorrow afternoon in a thread title "evo x intake write up". Also again if your not really thinking turbo yet then i recommend a 60mm tb from a 4g69 motor found in new eclipses and older lancer ralliarts. A 6 puck stage 3 clutch should be fine for daily driving. However unless you pushing over 300hp stage 2 would be better suited. Blue printing can only be accomplished by tearing down the block and rebuilding with balanced parts such as new rods,pistons and a knife cut crank. very exspensive and again for what your going to achieve on this motor money well wasted, spend it elsewhere. here is my advice on a 200+ hp na motor evo x intake ported and gasket matched head ported or extrude honed gasket matched oversized valves 1-2mm over 12:1 compression pistons or have the head shaved probably cheaper stage 2 cams with springs and retainers equal length header ported and gasket matched 60 mm throttle body from 4g69 motor gasket matched light wieght flywheel ( will without a doubt yield faster revs then a pulley ) stage 2 clutch a great tune. i would say with the above list 200hp would be a under est and i would bet to see 215-220whp. so high to mid 13 sec pass strong top end with nasty low end tq.
  10. Engine Build Advice

    Ohh no he 4b11 a piece of what? Trannies are crap? 300hp required bored over motor? pistons? crank? you think alum block is a flaw? define built his motor? Now lets dig into this a bit shall we. 4b11 na motor can hold 350whp on stock internals. Has been proven time and time again. Its called a hyundai genesis coupe. Best thing about that is the hyundai uses inferior cast rods and pistons. So let me guess you must be a wrx fan boy. Wrx 375whp before a rebuild is needed. No way you need pistons and a over bored motor along with a crank to achieve 300whp. Ask me how i know..lmfao. The transmission i assume you know nothing about. Cvt is not meant to be a rice rocket is a econo box. 5 speed however will not fail on anybody at any given time regardless of what you do to the motor. And your builder is a tard please go somewhere else..Alum blocks or better then you think. Lighter, cool better, more rigid and proven to be the choice of race cars world wide. i suppose thats why lambo, porche and everyother exotic uses alum block. I would like to see what your boy gary did to his car build wise? Please humor me! Further more dont spread lies, theories and ignorance about the 4b11. I have proven the lies, disproven theories and over come ignorance with under $4000 easily!!
  11. Evo X Intake Manifold

    Like dude said i use a self tune. which for the na guys would work if you guys change your cams and map sensor!! using evo x cams and replacing the stock map sensor with a evo x 3 bar map you can run my tune and really open up the performance on the 4b11/4b12 engines. Within the next few weeks im going to open a website with information just for the 9g lancers. Not really a forum just a bunch of information on one page for us to use.
  12. Evo X Intake Manifold

    Well i installed a evo x intake manifold on my 08 lancer gts today. Things went well, with a few small exceptions.First the manifold bolts right up no issues there. The issue is the throttle body. The evo x uses a internal type egr vlave where as the base 4b11 uses a external. So i did a egr delete using thick guage alum. Some coolant lines needed to be re-routed and some plugged for none use. Also i did not use a 4g69 throttle body which people use for a upgrade. I instead went larger using a 65mm eclipse gt 3.8 throttle body and port matched the intake manifold for fitment. The stock fuel rail will not work so i used a evo x rail. Project will be done this week once 6an fuel return line comes in from summit racing. Will post pics once completed.
  13. yo.. check ya email man lol.. need ur help

  14. Lookin For An Ecu

    no problem shoot me a pm with your email address and i will have the files to you in a jiff.
  15. Lookin For An Ecu

    This is what i did when tuning my ecu for my turbo setup. Making the stock ecu turbo friendly is a bit hard. The easier solution is making a evo x rom work with a lancer now equiped with a turbo. Switching map sensors with a 3 bar map sensor and disabling a few cels. The biggest things to over come are the p0098 which you get since the evo and ra's run dual iat sensors and the p0365 for the intake cam sensor. I made a patch harness for the p0098 using a 03 mazda protege iat installed into the intercooler piping just before the throttle body. this did work but the gm iat sensor would be a better choice since you could weld a bung into the piping rather then using a rubber grommet. The evo x ecu uses all of the same pins as the base lancer. The base lancer has open slots due to the lack of extra equipment the evo x runs. Pins 97 and 98 worek the iat sensor on both the evo x and the base lancer. The p0365 code for the intake cam sensor is throwing me off. The cam sensors are the same on both cars but the ecu still throws this code. I have yet founda way to disable it threw ecu flash. If you would like a copy of the rom and xml i use let me know we can work something out im sure. I also have given this to other people who have had great success and dyno with the rom is 206hp and 209 lbs tq at 7psi. No drivablity issues what so ever. I even spent the time to change mappings over to the 2010 evo x maps for a better mivec map and leaner topend boost conditions netting 223hp and 234lbs of tq at 11psi which is what i run.