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  1. "kasumi" New Wheels 6/16/15.

    Congrats and your neighbor has a Countach?
  2. Aero Catch Hood Pins

    If it's not a true racing hood, aerocatch hood pin is not really necessary, unless you want it for purely cosmetic reasons.
  3. D Speed Cf Trunk Problems

    Have you tried test fitting it without any harware to see if the fitment issues is infact a defect from the manufacturer?
  4. if it works on and off, you may have bad contact points in your connector or the harness somewhere. You should be able get that taken care of with the factory warranty.
  5. CVT Gone!

    There are enough salvages around for you to do a swap at probably half of what the dealership wants. Unfortunately, if you didn't change your transmission fluid at 30K intervals, manufacturer can deny you warranty for not properly maintaining your vehicle, even if you had warranty. People in the Evo community gripe about how bad the warranty is, granted that most people in the Evo community heavily modifies their cars. Good luck with everything.
  6. Yes, all cars that use conventional filament bulbs will have the lights flashing rapidly. You will need to install resistors to correct this problem.
  7. Paint Cracking / Rolled Fenders

    Use a fender rolling tool or use a shop that has a proper tools and a good reputation. If you are doing DIY, be sure to heat the area you are rolling with a heat gun, but not too much for the obvious reasons. I have yet to see any posts on any forums that mention horror stories about a shop ruining paint trying to roll fenders. There are physical limits to how much you can roll your fenders obviously, so if you have crazy wheel size or offset nothing short of a wide body kit will work.
  8. Ok I Need Some Insite Of Opinion

    OP, since I just bought my 16th car last week I can offer you this advice: if you are upside down on your loan and don't exactly have tier 1 credit, make your payments on time, build your credit first and save money towards your next car's downpayment. Having good credit makes a huge difference for pretty much everything financial in life, such as lower interest rate and lower insurance rates to name a few. I know the temptation is there to mod your car, sometimes beyond what the platform was designed for, and some platforms are easier/reliable than others, but from what I've seen on various forums, the gain vs. cost and reliability just doesn't seem all that reasonable to me personally for the Lancer. Having more power usually means that you need to start thinking about better braking, handling, performance tires etc. and those upgrades can easily cost more than the power upgrades. I have modded many cars in the past and I can honestly say that I was lucky if I got 20% of my investment back in parts when I decided to move on. With that in mind, if you really want something and if it is in reasonable reach in few years, I say make plans and attain it. Sometimes having something close to what you really want just doesn't cut it. Good luck!
  9. 09 Ra Tranny Issues.

    SST is made by Getrag so all the Mitsu techs can do is diagnose it with their MUT and replace the trans. It's an 8K trans for the Evo, I am sure it's very similar to those number on the RA since they are almost identical.
  10. Tow Hook?

    FYI that T1R tow hook rusts badly. For that type of tow hook to be functional, you would need to drill a hole in your bumper, thread and weld a nut on your crashbeam etc. It just seems like alot of effort, if you are not going to take advantage of it, ie at the track incase of an emergency, and those emergencies are far and few in between; atleast at the events I usually go to anyways.
  11. New Counter-Strike

    This is awesome news, so much great memories with CS.
  12. Greddy Vs. Hks

    HKS Hi-Power is loud, atleast for the Evo anyway. If you can live with that, I don't see why not.
  13. Ashley's Wicked White Gsr

    Kudos Really looking forward to installed pics
  14. Quickflips' Tb Sex Panther (Dat New New)

    Trunk looks good overall, really flows well with your car. Can you adjust the hinges to make it fit a bit better, or was the trunk slightly open?
  15. Quickflips is correct on this. Canbus goes into type of limp mode when it senses too many things wrong being reported to it. The Audi style lights should have resistors built in, if I am not mistaken. I would inquire your tail light vendor about it and see if it is a warranty issue. Like Quickflips mentioned, having the right size resistors may resolve the issue, but I would check with the vendor first.