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  1. Cheapest All-Weather Floormats?

    I ordered my weathertech mats at Shipping took 10 days. I'm in Canada, Winnipeg to be Exact.Total was $248 shipping included. Really good product. Must have for Lancer owners.
  2. IMG_4710.JPG

    I like those tails. Where you got 'em?
  3. I saw this Rota Tarmac 3 installed on a Lancer. Thought I share it with you guys.
  4. Grid is my bet on this one. Matte bronze for white lancer for me looks aggressive. Only thing I hate about it is that lower offset won't fit lancer es.
  5. New Member Canada

    Thanks for the warm welcome fellas. If all the people in the world has an attitude like all of you, peace is not impossible.
  6. New Member Canada

    Nice ride you got there. You bet, got to drive slow on our roads. It's funny whenever you see someone with the same car and they look at yours to see what's the difference between you and their car. lol Which part of the city are you located?
  7. New Member Canada

    Hi there guys, My name is Marc. currently residing in Winnipeg, MB. I'm from the Philippines, and we just moved in December of '09. My car is a black 2010 Lancer ES purchased May 2010 and it is my first car. Damn proud that I bought it with my own cash or maybe not. I'm still paying for it but I'm determined to finish the 6 years of payment. I've been looking for sites or group boards like this since i bought my car and good thing I saw a link from some page for this site. Have lots of plans for my car, and my girlfriend is jealous because I'm saving up for rims and coilovers and I can't even buy her the sony digicam that she's been asking me as a present.. lol Here's some picture of my car. It's still stock. but time will come that it will get all the respect that it deserves, or whatever that means. :-D Painted the chrome lining with plastidip I'm looking forward to be friends with all of the members of this group. \m/ and thanks to hatke14 for telling me to introduce myself. :-)