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  1. Limp Mode And Cel Set! Help!

    hope you took the intake off before taking it in, typically they will try any means to void your warranty and not do the work necessary.
  2. meh vis racing hood. i wasnt too fond of mine. fitment was off by a good inch on one side which would short out my HID ballast everytime it rained not to mention i washed and waxed it weekly yet it still faded from the sun and yellowed compared to my seibon cf trunk i had that was perfect the whole time i had it.
  3. it wont look funky if they are rolled completely flat. thats the proper fender rolling. when getting them rolled why not roll them all the way the first time instead of having to repetitively having to roll more and more each time if you realize you begin to rub, or lower your car, or even switch wheels? at +35 on 8.75 with a 235/40 you will rub in the rear if you are on teins. best bet to get them rolled before those wheels go on or you will be grating spaghetti and tire cheese.
  4. Dcstorm's: The Clean Project

    How about letting me get that wing?
  5. L0G@nh's Progress Thread

    Lololol oh god
  6. Jsquareds' Tb Progress...

    Looks good. Just a taaaaad too much chrome. Just a tad. LOL
  7. Quickflips' Tb Sex Panther (Dat New New)

    dont think i ever posted this pic.. but it is by far one of my fav pics of the car
  8. Oil Question Plz Help What Grade?

  9. Rdub2K4's 2011 Gts. - " Nikki "

    that krylon man....
  10. Ashley's Wicked White Gsr

    Ooh looks goooood
  11. I'd muchhh rather prefer to be dumped on stockies than mexipokee lol Anyway back on topic, i think teal or green would be so dope
  12. Mindbeats 2010 Es

    Welcome! Car looks good! Were you trying to race me on rt 10 in Morris plains a few weeks ago? Lol swore i saw a black gts looklike that was giving me looks and kept flooring it on me lol
  13. Hankook v12, continental dws, Goodyear eagle gt, Nitto neogens All good tires. Personal preference which would qualify as "best" aka my opinion of "best tire" will differ from yours, and his, and hers, etc.
  14. Evox Piping Fits 9G Lancer!

    Yeah they may not even notice esp since its fairly quiet. Would've done it but they'd clearly hear mine being much louder than stock