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  1. You definitely can. Send me a PM with what you're looking to get and I can give you a quote. One thing to keep in mind is that shipping might be a bit high to Canada.
  2. get what and install what?
  3. Haven't been active here for a while but I'll be checking this thread from time to time and replying to my inbox messages so if you have any questions or would like to get your headlights done, hit me up Now, here are a few pictures of what I've been up to And my next personal set, OEM Audi A5 bezel inside the lancer headlight.. taking some time to fill in all the gaps and figure out what to do with the turn signal and make the drl brighter.
  4. Evo Springs On An Es

    Evo springs do not fit base lancer struts. the struts have different dampening and the rear springs are twice the length of the ones on the ES.. your best bet would be getting coilovers, this way you can adjust height and dampening on all struts
  5. Most of the quads I do are fake quads, meaning there is only a lens and shroud in the afs reflector. You could put an actual projector there but you're gonna have to make it sit as far forward as possible or you'll end up running with clearance issues in the back of the housing. I had true quads in my headlights at one point and for the look I wanted to obtain, I had to sit the projector as far back ad possible and had to cut pieces from the housing in order to be able to adjust the beam without hitting anything. I hope I explained it well enough
  6. It's been a long time since I updated this thread. Not a lot of thing happened except school and more headlights lol So, I've done Subaru BR-Z headlights. Blacked out housing, blue e-46 r shrouds painted blue, yellow demon eyes I did Hyundai Genesis coupe headlights. Black/white themed housing, white halos, and pink demon eyes Also, I did BMW e90 headlights Blacked out housing, multicolor halos, and red demon eyes Next, a 2002 Mitsubishi lancer Blacked out housing, white halos, and multicolor demon eyes Some Jeep Cherokee headlights Blacked out housing and white halos Now, let's go back to some Lancers. 1 set has blacked out housing with purple accents and multicolor halos 1 set has blacked out housing, white halo,red demon eyes, and red side glow THAT PURP A lot more to come so I'll try to remember and post them here. Enjoy
  7. I'll trade you headlights for your full turbo setup - and 10bjs from Alex
  8. I don't mind answering questions at all. The red demon eyes are just a bunch of leds sitting behind the projector lens. They are for show purposes and do NOT emit enough light to be usable as low beam. Therefore, as you can see in the first picture, there is a projector. That projector is bi-xenon meaning that it functions as low beam and when you trigger the high beam, a shield inside the projector moves down to allowing more light to go through and shine on the road. So to answer your question, the projectors are used as low beam
  9. Got your headlights done or not yet jukebox?
  10. Bringing this thread from the dead. I've done 2 retros and modified a 3rd in the past month First set was quads in halogen reflectors with white halos and blue demon eyes. Apparently, I lost most of the pictures I took by switching between phones so all I have are these 3 pictures Also, remember these? That then became these? Then this? And this? Well, the owner of them is selling his car so I got them back, changed them to red demon eyes and sold them one more time lol Hopefully, this is the last time And the last work I've done so far was on my buddy's 2012 BMW 328i. The car came with OEM bi-xenon headlights. We blacked out the housings, added red demon eyes, and a small special touch (my logo inside the headlights) After opening them, you can see the whole channel where the lens meets the housing is messed up and that's because BMW headlights are sealed with the devil's saliva aka permaseal lol... a real hassle to work with After paint and the red demon eyes Soon, I will be working on an evo, Lexus LS430, Nissan 240sx, and BRZ so I'll keep you guys updated
  11. Headlight Mods

    I use duplicolor for anything getting painted inside the headlights. As for cleaning the inside of the lenses, don't wipe them or you'll scratch them. What you need to so is either some soapy water and use your finger to clean anything and then use compressed air to clean all the water out
  12. Your RA isn't bad at all. You sir drive my favorite SB RA
  13. Here are a couple of pictures of the headlights in sunlight, not the best but you can see them. I'll try to take better soon