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  1. Ralliart Blow Off Valve

    I recently bought a 2010 ralliart ( second handed ) and the previous owner have set up a HKS BOV ( i thinks its the sqv ssqv 3). The problem is that i read that the BOV is vented/atmosphere and not recirculated like the stock BOV. It does a really cool sound but ive read its not good for the engine/turbo . So i was wondering on buying another BOV between these 3: - agency power BOV for evo x - turbosmart dual port BOV for evo x - or just buy a used Evo x BOV Im looking whats best for my engine. My engine is stock, no tune just a INJEN upper intercooler pipe. What fo you think its the best BoV for my ralliart
  2. Hid Aftermarket Kit On Ralliart

    Factory OEM HID kits have D2S bulbs. I was wondering if i could have problems with the connection between the ballast and the harness...
  3. Hi, ive recently bought a 2010 ralliart with OEM HID projectors. However, One HID ballast and one bulb went off, got it checked and both dont work... I was wondering if i can fit a aftermarket HID to my oem projectors that came with factory HIDs??? The reason is that the OEM ballast that i have searched are expensive... Will I have problems with connections??? I was thinking on buying a Kensun HID kit. Thanks!!!
  4. Air Conditioner Cooling Issue

    Hi, I have a Lancer 2008 GTS and im recently having problems with my air conditioner. When the air conditioner is on, the drivers side outlets blows cool air perfectly....but the passengers side only blows air (not cooling). Ive been searching in the forum for topics in this issue, but i havent find any. Any comments? Thanks!
  5. Sti Lips?

    Bought mine a month ago. I got the flat style. It looks like it fits perfectly...... (havent installed it yet).
  6. 2013 10 15 11.30.39

    From the album Jorge 2008 GTS

    Bought STI lip....
  7. 20130705 172606

    From the album Jorge 2008 GTS

    New Back bumper lip!! (getting it installed)
  8. DSCF1927

    From the album Jorge 2008 GTS

    New Aluminum Alloy Fuel door...
  9. DSCF1922

    From the album Jorge 2008 GTS

  10. DSCF1926

    From the album Jorge 2008 GTS

    New Window Visors
  11. DSCF1915

    From the album Jorge 2008 GTS

  12. DSCF1923

    From the album Jorge 2008 GTS

  13. Sdlancer's Pregress Thread

    Nice Rims!!!
  14. Help Me Win A Photo Contest!

    Voted!! Good Luck!
  15. Evo X wing with the Led tail lights!

    From the album Jorge 2008 GTS