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  1. Mine Progress Thread

    J, you're still around? lol
  2. J D M Danny - Stancer

    Thanks for the support! Love it. Everything about it too. Still supporting the stance community. It's a B8 S4 on Airlift Bags & Avant Garde Wheels.
  3. J D M Danny - Stancer

    Two years since my last post in a thread, Update: 3.5 years in the military, I now drive an Audi S4. lol Still lurking around from time to time to see if there's any new members needing questions answered!
  4. If anyone has issues, I ordered from Rainbow Pen a few years ago when NO ONE heard about them. It IS possible to send out your orders and receive your packages, just be patient with the english, time zones, and delivery.
  5. Budget Coilovers

    From my own experience, Nex SS Coilovers. If I can remember, they were $550-600 ish and had adjustable ride height and damping. Just look on Ebay. I ran those and BC's in combination.
  6. J D M Danny - Stancer

    Lol I still lurk around to see who needs figment questions
  7. J D M Danny - Stancer

    Damn bro, you're still on here? haha
  8. J D M Danny - Stancer

    I know it's been a year since I've posted anything in here, but just an update for those who are wondering where my life has been. Anyways, it's been two years in the Air Force now, I sold the Lexus while stationed in Florida, had two jeeps since then, and about two months ago I bought an Audi. Stay tuned for the build!
  9. Do You Think Its Possible

    Trade your car in.
  10. I did it a long long time ago and the ride quality was still amazing. Here's my lancer way back lol..just a few shots to show you how low it can go. Note: I only did it to the front because I ran BC's in the front and Nex SS in the rear.
  11. J D M Danny - Stancer

    Been a while since I've checked my thread but damn, thanks for the compliment!
  12. Which Coilovers Soo Many?

    I ran BC's in the rear and Nex SS in the front. Both great quality lol..
  13. U S A F_Danny's Altezza.

  14. Rolling Fiberglass Fenders

    I was able to do it with my fiberglass, wide body fender flares on the lexus.