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  1. Turbo-Charging Part 1

    Yeah, my car was the first Gen VRX (gts) which was basically just an es with add ons, same 4b11 engine. Will basically come down to a few questions to begin with. How much power you want? How much time u willing to spend? with how much money you want to spend? And how reliable a build you wanting? with those questions answered, we can point you in the right direction of what build to go for.
  2. 1 zps44fa8559

    From the album requested

  3. Suggest. Get your ecu reflashed wit the original rom.
  4. Turbo-Charging Part 1

    Your not close cos your build lacks the necessary components. You should pm me and I could give you some insight on how to get greater numbers.
  5. Turbo-Charging Part 1

    Yeah, why would someone want to spend a few extra grand on they're n/a lancer to have lancer that is more powerful than an evox? Nah mate, I think it's only supporting members that contribute nothing but think they can ruin other supporting members threads that are losers. Go troll some other thread cos HERE you have no idea what your on about.
  6. Turbo-Charging Part 1

    Well over 2years now and over 50,000 kilometers spent. still no issues so the build has been solid.
  7. 2011 Ralliart Turbo On 09 Gts?

    The thread I wrote is still valid and after a couple of years I can say I have had no issues so the builds lasted the test of time too. And I don't think their will be any significant changes over cos its a pretty simple and strait forward process that once you have the parts, you can basically use the evo x service manual instructions to get a general idea on how to put most of it together yourself.
  8. Ecu Part No. Of Lacer De/es M/t

    you dont need a new ecu, you can just reflash the mt rom over the cvt one thats on it
  9. More Power If Possible

    you can alter the tune of all of the ecu roms using a tactrix openport 2.0 connected from your cars ecu port to your laptop. you just need your rom and the def file to decode it using a program called ecuflash which you download free from the tactrix website. i been using it for years and you can do allot more than just alter the tune with it
  10. Traction Control

    you can perminantly disable it by changing your steering wheel to an aftermarket one for some reason. i no longer even have the option of it. i will die like a man.
  11. Evo X Parts That Will Fit On Base Model Lancers

    the evo x fuel rail is only good for if u want to boost cos it got a fuel return line which the oem lancers lack and the screw down holes fit an evo x intake manifold. you can fit the base evo x injectors in place of your original ones but it wont do anything for an unboosted engine but flood the intake. changing the throttle body would be pointless cos u can get the same result with your stock tb by simply altering the a/f ratio in ecu flash. the cam upgrade is also pointless without a boosted lancer as they are heavier build and designed to withstand a heavier run, they are different in the evo x due to the fact that it is boosted. if you want a faster lancer without boosting, the only way your going to get that withought damaging the engine is through weight reduction.
  12. Newbie

    Welcome, love the rims.
  13. Turboing A 2010 Lancer Rx In Australia.

    not disappeared, just been working night shift a while. putting together a kit now should be allot cheaper then a couple of years ago. haven't had any issues with the car besides a old lady reversing into my rear quaterpanel
  14. Turboing A 2010 Lancer Rx In Australia.

    you guys should read some of my posts, mines been boosted a couple of years with some good results without any incidents. be happy to help wit info if u want.
  15. What Size Is Our Oil Drain Plug Help!

    M14 X 1.5