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  1. CVT Gone!

    thats garbage. what about insurance? are they willing to fix it?
  2. CVT Gone!

    its not covered under warranty?
  3. Roof Racks

    before you do that try taking an allen wrench to it and see if you can turn it
  4. Question About Gts Fangs?

    mitsubishiparts.net but its going to be expensive or just browse the for sale sections on the forum and see if anyone puts theres up
  5. Roof Racks

    look at my pic i posted on the 2nd or 3rd page i have the 44" fairing
  6. Roof Racks

    all you need now is the fairing. it helps greatly with the wind noise and also looks good
  7. Roof Racks

    haha thanks now she is dropped and has an exhaust but the rack is handy when i have a working bike hahaha
  8. Roof Racks

  9. Topspeed Pro Axle-Back Exhaust $170

    actually i was the one that said i was going to use high heat paint. never did use it and still havent gotten bumper melt
  10. Topspeed Pro Axle-Back Exhaust $170

    ive had mine on for a couple of weeks and have driven almost a 1000 miles and no cel. also he checked his code and the cel had nothing to do with the exhaust.
  11. Topspeed Pro Axle-Back Exhaust $170

    yes it will work.i have 2010 de and had no problems with install and the gap on the bumper for me is even
  12. Topspeed Pro Axle-Back Exhaust $170

    are you just going to keep the hose clamps or get the hangers re-welded, but your exhaust looks pretty centered, and other then the install how do you like it so far
  13. Topspeed Pro Axle-Back Exhaust $170

    ok so your exhaust was touching the bumper? i think ill paint then mount then take to a muffler shop to re-adjust
  14. Topspeed Pro Axle-Back Exhaust $170

    ^^we can but we would have to drive to a muffler shop (which i plan on doing depending on how much adjustment is needed). but if his isnt even touching and still burnt a little protection never hurts haha. i think ima use 2000 F engine paint just to be safe
  15. Topspeed Pro Axle-Back Exhaust $170

    oh yeah and if i use high temp engine paint on the bumper instead of tin foil will that work?