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  1. Slavy's Gg Progress Thread

    I havent been on here in 9 months but heres an update on the Lancer. I still have it but sold my EVO X MR recaros, sent the wheels back, sold my hood, front lip, mirrors, intake, & soon my rear lip. Fell off here after a rough year and back now, shopping for ideas/new car and narrowed it down to a handful of cars. I'm hoping to stay in the Mitsu family. Still have my TWM short throw, tein s tech springs, roof spoiler, and duck bill up for sale.
  2. We slapped that bad boy on quick. Looks great in person.
  3. thats a good love to see a front lip on there.
  4. New To Project Lancer

    Welcome to PL. Post a pic of the car! & always feel free to ask questions if you couldnt find any in the threads.
  5. Welcome officially. The sportback is coming out nicely. That drop is amazing-Im hoping to pick them up in the near future, heard great reviews. Whats next?
  6. Eye Lids

    I have the Scorpion 3D Eyelids.
  7. Nice sound man. You painting the whole wing or leaving the underside blk/blue?
  8. Hey Guys

  9. 09 Ww From Pittsburgh

    Welcome fellow statesmen! Hope to see what wheels you get. Post pics and start a progress thread!
  10. Slavy's Gg Progress Thread

    GOOD ish! try to avoid the basement so you dont think about it cuz the last few days are the worst.
  11. Slavy's Gg Progress Thread

    Oh week man, you got tires and all that ready? Thank you! GL. Deff gotta start on that. Minor things is what I started with till I found what direction I wanted to go and find parts cheap/barely used to save me some $$$. Yea I wanna do a shoot w/you & Kevin when I get my wheels & coils set. GG trio shoot. You gotta try to make it out this thursday for the up north meet!
  12. Slavy's Gg Progress Thread

    Still have a few more tricks up my sleeve. Hey man, do what you like. We have twin shoot then heh. Thanks Collin. Cant wait for your stance in 12 days!
  13. Slavy's Gg Progress Thread

    Copy? our cars are all the same and everyone has something someone has, so do it man! I still have a few things that will set it off. But thanks dude!
  14. Slavy's Gg Progress Thread

    Thats sweet man. Audi wheels will look great since they are that similar. My buddy had an A8 dropped w/wheels and it just sat sick with tint. Custom grille will set it off. Thats correct. Rainbow Pen. They basically got one from Auto-loker and mass produced theirs of AL and fitment/warp is bad, quality sucked. Im not happy at all and told the guy it came chipped he said hed give me a discount next time I order but there wont be a next time. Roof spoiler from hell.