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  1. If you're referring to the bottom of the airbox, there is a slot in the stock airbox that will fit the takeda airbox securely without any additional hardware.
  2. Nice, thanks for the follow up, I'm glad this thread is turning out to be useful. Hopefully we can continue to compile more information into this thread for everyone who's in the market for a takeda.
  3. Quickflips' Tb Sex Panther (Dat New New)

    Man, sorry to hear about all the problems. But on a positive note, you're getting a new car! Good luck with the lancer until you get rid of it, looking forward to seeing the new ride. Just curious, which dealership did you go to, so people in the area can know to avoid it.
  4. Yeah the engineering aspect of it is amazing. Wish I knew the answer also. As for the intake, it was dyno'd at about 15hp. But regardless of numbers, you can definitely feel the extra push it contributes to the acceleration.
  5. What Is This?

  6. The Dude's G35: Game Over Man

    Nice! Definitely better than the old ones.
  7. When I saw the thread title i was like whhhattt? Paint the rotors?.... But anyways, I'd paint match it to the car like what Shaun suggested.
  8. Nope... But if there was, you'd probably find the answer in the search box =)
  9. Finally got some window tints! I think 30% looks just about right. Blocks out a TON of the heat from sunlight. Makes getting into the car on a 90 degree day feel much better. Also got the eye need for sun visors anymore! Also tinted the tail lights...gotta make the third light a little darker to match. Used VHT Niteshades with an undercoating of Plastidip Glossifier. So in the event I ever need to remove it... ......I can! That is all for now...
  10. Tinting Headlights Yellow

    Nice nice. You should have your fogs match also, if it doesn't already (can't tell from the photo).
  11. Will This Intake Fit My 2011 Lancer Es?

    Yeah, what he ^ said....
  12. CVT Gone!

    And to answer your question about warranty, look here:
  13. Roof Racks

    I PM'd u a couple of weeks ago about it, but you never responded. I'd be willing to take it depending how much you want for it (and its condition).