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  1. Sabrina 2010 Tarmac Black Gts

    I just ordered an Injen, waiting to get back state side to install it. I've heard good things about Tsudo.
  2. Dwebb's Progress Thread

    Awesome system setup!
  3. Sabrina 2010 Tarmac Black Gts

    Love the drop! Do you have plans for a new exhaust?
  4. Really like what you've done, looks bad ass dude.
  5. Rip More Than Likely To My 08 Gts :(

    Glad you walked away okay.
  6. I have to agree on that one...
  7. Socal Lancer

    Welcome to PL!
  8. missin' my blu, can't wait to get home and start the mods

  9. Yay Or Nay?

    Please no chrome...i'm trying to decide what color to go with my OB too, but chrome is a big no no in my opinion... What did ET ever do to you?
  10. Project Stealth

    Can't wait to see those on the car!
  11. "kasumi" New Wheels 6/16/15.

    Oh I like! I can't wait to see what you have planned.
  12. Jeprock's Vinyl Project

    Awesome work!
  13. Lancer Sportback By Bones

    I just got to say, I LOVE your Sportack...plase come work on my neighbors? They glare at me and my ES when ever we would drive by....
  14. Green To Blue

    Need an opinion PL...I want this...just want to know if it's a good deal or should I just stick with my GReddy T-iC?
  15. New From Texas

    Welcome to PL!