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  1. Zenny's Thread

    the black on black looks so much nicer than the black on red
  2. Decals, Stickers, Vinyls & More

    nice stickers, matt... you going to MOD this year? haven't seen you on FB in a while either
  3. rims are wack but the lip looks good
  4. Alloy Fuel Door

  5. Tat's Graphite Grey '09 Gts

    Back in the mix after a bit of a layoff Haven't done a whole lot to the car this year since I bought a motorcycle, but I didn't paint my old rims black and reinstalled those. STill have the GG/black theme working I'll try to post up some more recent pics
  6. Indiana?

    RotorGlow... I'm in Indy, but I'm just north of County Line Rd and Greenwood
  7. ::Official:: MOD 2012

    I'm planning to go to the Factory MOD in Normal, IL... anyone else?
  8. Car Accident

    glad to hear you're ok, bud. Insurance is a tricky deal and what seems obvious to many doesn't always pan out that way. Could have been worse at least. Good luck on the repairs.
  9. looks good hatke i've got the same lamp set up: 10k los and 3k fogs. looks good
  10. J D M Danny - Stancer

    I didn't say that, but I actually don't really care for the stretched, rim-hanging out look myself. But like I said, if you like it that's all that matters. It's your car that you building for you, not others right?
  11. J D M Danny - Stancer

    if you like it dude, that's all that matters.
  12. Prlancergts Graphite Grey Lancer

  13. Forza Motorsport 4 Review

    I personally like the game better than Forza 3 although I will concede they are very much similar builds.
  14. Eric's Progress Thread!

    i want to paint my calipers, but I don't want to take my wheels off lol
  15. Fuel Lid Door?

    technically there are only 2 that are actually grabbing on to anything, but it would look pretty silly without the other four to fill those holes.