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  1. Gts Rims

    plastidip the front too
  2. Slow The Hell Down Guys

    They're just to fun to drive....
  3. Quickflips' Tb Sex Panther (Dat New New)

    Haha Kamal, you wouldn't dare use anything but professional grade
  4. Morphineseason's 20-11 Ralliart

    Hahaha the most obnoxious steelies ever! Hilarious! Hahahahaha
  5. Quickflips' Tb Sex Panther (Dat New New)

    HOW DARE YOU use a phone to take a PICTURE!!!!!!!
  6. "suzuka" Long Lost Pics 1/2

    Thanks, This is next on my list
  7. "suzuka" Long Lost Pics 1/2

    Will they still come on with the headlamps if I do this? I'd like to have them able to go on with the headlamps as well as just the parking lights...
  8. Non Car Related-Official Photography Thread

    If this is your baby..... Then whose is this? Hahahahahaha
  9. Hi From Brisbane, Australia

    haha thats a good point ref the scraping haha, welc0me to PL
  10. My 2009 Vr Lancer

    Great drop! She looks great i'm liking what you've done so far....welcome to PL man
  11. Great Pics of a Great Car with Great Mods hahaha
  12. Quickflips' Tb Sex Panther (Dat New New)

    Looks great man i'm digging the Duckbill and Hood. Must've cost a pretty penny
  13. "suzuka" Long Lost Pics 1/2

    Looks great man, shes come a long way
  14. Wadddddup From South Jersey

    Welcome! Great start with the PlastiDip...any future plans?
  15. Mass Ave near Capitol Theater in Arlington MA OB GTS with exhaust ARS lips, plastidip stock wheels (18s) Evo Wing (possibly CF), exhaust