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  1. im BAAACCKK

  2. Your Driving Song for the Day

  3. Decided The Lancer Will Be Posted For Sale

    Hey, your not me with a $512 payment! but good luck. i recommend something more...german
  4. Favorite Videogame Music

    More Classic Goldeneye 64
  5. Your Top 5 Dream Cars

    that cx5 is better looking than a MS6...
  6. Your Top 5 Dream Cars

    nice stuff man, was a little surprised by the mazda cx5 though lol
  7. Painted Lug Nuts

    Not bad.... i might try this instead of getting the ralliart lugs
  8. New Member From Gulfport, Ms

    Irwin, thats an awesome name dude, Welcome to PL. love the color combo on your lancer. Black n silver is sharp.
  9. Your Top 5 Dream Cars

  10. New Member From Jersey

    Thats her name on here..isnt it?
  11. Favorite Videogame Music

    Extreme-G 3 Crystalaria Muon Harbor
  12. Your Top 5 Dream Cars

    Fan of the GTR i see lol
  13. New Member From Jersey

    creeper.... lol
  14. What's Your Lancer Pet Peeve's?

    totally... :/
  15. New Member From Jersey

    Shes a She... lol