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  1. 2011 Lancer Es 600Hp Build

    600hp to the front wheels....lmao.
  2. My 2009 Lancer Gts Turbo Build

    Still running strong Sebass? How much power you making these days
  3. 11 Lancer Gts Turbo

    Sounds complicated lol
  4. I Took The Risk " 350Z Bumper Duct "

    The biggest tragedy here is what he has going on around his winshield wiper squirters and the hood of his car.
  5. Evo X Question Anyone?

    try heat gun?
  6. New Guy From Indiana

  7. Rollys X, Track Pics

    After my last race the clutch started slipping pretty much, so bad thats its nearly embarrassing to even drive the car. So I ordered Exedy HD single disk, and Evo 8/9 CMC this past week. Installing the CMC tonight/tommorow and dropping the car off at Shepards Transmissions here in Ohio on Sunday. They are a very well respected transmission shop for Evos, GTRs, and DSMs..they are going to upgrade the tranny diff pins as well. Install pics Old vs New
  8. someone actually suggested putting the brembo brake covers on..lmao
  9. Rollys X, Track Pics

    Update Last weekend was my second to last event of the year. Drive like a retard all day, rear suspension was given me a headache, oh well..found out some stuff that needed tweaked to say the least. Worse thing was my clutch finally started to slip after all of the punishment ive put it through. Crappy vid, got a gopro on its way here for the last event A couple days later I come out of work to this..They didnt take anything but its stil annoying.
  10. Lancer De 08 To Evo X Mr 11

    nice pickup, only thing that makes me sad is you put that big ass heavy sound system into an already overweight race car oh well one day maybe youll see the light. Good luck, what are your plans
  11. Got My Window Busted Out....

    indeed..well more like clutch money. Insurance wrote me a check for $2200 in damages, i honestly could give two shits about all of it except the window and the small dent that was put into my the extra money is going to be handy considering I just bough a new clutch and cmc on the credit card and now I can pay it off and pay for the install and tranny build.
  12. Got My Window Busted Out....

    went out and checked out the car a litte bit more and my passenger side Recaro is engulfed in tiny sharp pieces of glass, Its in the fabric, and in the seat. The Recaros are def a lil different in the way they are set up, I just cant see them getting it cleaned up properly without glass still being present. Left my insurance dude a message and told em that ill be pushing that tommorow when it gets quoted...$3000 for one seat
  13. Got My Window Busted Out....

    yeah browski, so i got some decent news..just talk to the insurance company. Bringing the car in tomorrow for damage quote and they are just gonna write me a check for all the damages. Only thing im gonna have them fix is the window, im just gonna pocket the rest and use that to go towards my clutch install.
  14. Got My Window Busted Out....

    Well, my deductible is $500, Im interested to see how this will pan out because I will have the price of the window, the rubber lining around it is damaged. Also damaged is the bezel, the fake carbon fiber plastic piece is scuffed up, and my DVD player has that nice scratch on the screen which should be chaulked up as damaged. So we will see where this lands price range wise. I can also file a claim through my work to try and get re imbursed for the money I spend. I thought very well of in my district so I dont think it will be a problem, not to mention this is my the third car that has been broken into on Walgreens property and I have never said anything other then I refuse to park in the employee area, but this one really hurts because my clutch is laying on its death bed right now..and its dying quickly. Just dropped $748 on a new clutch and cmc so paying this deductible is gonna sting + the price im gonna pay to have the clutch installed...expensive month