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  1. Winter Fun. IMG_2270 by Cryptic Photograph, on Flickr IMG_2268 by Cryptic Photograph, on Flickr IMG_2212 by Cryptic Photograph, on Flickr IMG_2210 by Cryptic Photograph, on Flickr IMG_2211 by Cryptic Photograph, on Flickr IMG_2163 by Cryptic Photograph, on FlickrIMG_2161 by Cryptic Photograph, on Flickr
  2. Ahh your fine then, I run Bridgestone Pole Position S-04 235/40R18. Just a slight roll and your fine.
  3. There Cosmic blue. Yeah just a slight roll to the rear and you will be fine what tires are you running ?
  4. The wheels are 18x9 with +30 Offset I've also noticed my wheels poke out more compared to other Ralliart might be that I'm not a coilovers yet and the Eibach springs are decent would be better with the KYB upgrade and for lugs I have Neochrome acorn style.
  5. No More Ralliart, Hello Evo!

    Car sounds sweet, I had the same lip ran it for most of the summer before selling it. Makes the car look wider in the front.
  6. My New Brz Love At First Sight

    Sweet car, great choice. Now buy some summer tires and hit the track up and enjoy.
  7. Thanks with these pictures I will be running for ROTM. I have an idea what Ryan is going to do to his RA.
  8. EXP1 by IrvinSM, on Flickr EXP14 by IrvinSM, on Flickr EXP13 by IrvinSM, on Flickr EXP9 by IrvinSM, on Flickr EXP8 by IrvinSM, on Flickr EXP7 by IrvinSM, on Flickr EXP4 by IrvinSM, on Flickr
  9. Let me know when you want to do photo's and I'm in.
  10. Love it, keep up the great work on your Kia.
  11. Thanks ! Just make you sure have extra tires or are planning on buying some. I ended up getting into a heated battle with a WRX after 8 laps of battling him. By the end of day my front tires were down to 50% tread.
  12. Traded In The Gts For A Ralliart Sportback!

    Welcome to the boost btw.
  13. So much fun, if you get a chance to go its worth it. Kills tires tho.
  14. Project Whiteout 86

    Congrats on the upgrade, these cars are amazing.
  15. Rollys X, Track Pics

    Sweet stuff I also got to hit the track up this summer with my car and im going back in two weeks and I love it.