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  1. New From Istanbul

    Thanks, It is fine as it should be. I like its acceleration after riding on a Chevy Cruze and then PUG308 HDI. It beats all of them except the first car PUG306 . The acceleration is similar to my very previous 306. But one can not compare the security and comfort and the confidence. BR
  2. Installing Cruise Control

    Do not worry Rocwood, 1.6L Lancer owners are in same situation.BR
  3. Installing Cruise Control

    I do not know about fog lights. But, probably they are in place. Just you need to check it!
  4. New From Istanbul

    I got error message while quoting multiple message, therefore I could not quote all. warm regards,
  5. New From Istanbul

    Hi Everybody, I am really sorry not to reply for a while. I was out of country and could not have time to follow the PL. First of all many thanks for your warm welcome messages. I do not have pictures of my car with me. It is a standart black cat! Sports sedan 1.6 year 2011 and just under 1k miles or i can say 1200kms. I did not do any mods on it yet. However I am intend to do some. For this i need your guidance and i am sure it will be really helpfull. Best wishes,
  6. Installing Cruise Control

    Hi Z3RO COOL, Do you know that Rockwood solved the problem? I am in the same situation with him. I got a 2011 lancer sports sedan 1.6L just a week ago. It is really nice car. But lack of cruise control. Hence I am willing to install this option to my car. I am able to obtain an original brake switch from the market and the cap from a used part seller. For the later one I am interested to buy a 2010 Colt cruise control switch. What do your think? And do you have the elecrical circuit diagram or service manual including the wiring diagram of Lancer? BR
  7. New From Istanbul

    Hello all, I am in academia and heard from one of my friend that the Mitsu Lancer is a good car. Then I did a test drive and decided to buy it after several years riding on a PUG 306 sedan and then for a short time Chevy Cruze. I got my black Lancer Sports Sedan 1.6L MT a week ago and I really like it. It is much more agressive than a Chevy Cruze although it has 7HP lower power and can always beat it. Only a few hardwares less than a Cruze LT such as auto fading inner mirror and cruise control. I hope i will not get any technical problem with it. If so, i am planning to ride it at least 5 years. I am looking for your helps to make some modifications on my car and this site is really rocks! Best wishes