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  1. Oem Parts.

    Price for EVO X Aero kit for front and rear bumper in wicked white to 32233
  2. 1974 Toyota Celica Gt

    Agreed..... Original cars are so rare these days especially one as clean as you bought. How I would love to have an original 97-99 Eclipse GST in even something partially as close as you got with that Celica. Reminiscing.........
  3. Crosxs 2011 Gts: Leaving The Community

    Rasberry - pinkish/purple - but not tooo light to be girly
  4. For additional diagrams see my how too: Hope it helps!
  5. 2010 Ra Center Console

    Yes...they do make one for the manual the difference is in the shifter piece. The 2012+ GSR's have the black pieces or JDM GSRs. Its not a cheap mod. and will require approx 7 pieces from the dealership. ALSO - You also cannot just buy the Black trim pieces that extend from the upper dash onto the doors. To get those pieces you would have to salvage those parts or buy the whole door assembly. SO if you have a GTS/RA your interior would look a little more mismatched then the DS/ES Silver base trim - IMO.
  6. Honz Ww Gts 2008

    Yeah..kinda different. Definitely can tell your going for that shark attack look
  7. 2010-2011 Lancer Paint Issues?

    My 2010 GTS in black saw no issues for the year I owned it - in fact it took some damage when shingles flew off a truck I was behind and scratched my hood and they were able to buff it out barely noticeable unless right up on it. Now having my White GSR for a little over a year...also no problems. I would be scared and careful with black or red though as those two colors throughout Mitsubishi history are prone to paint peeling and clear coat coming off. Silver would probably be next.
  8. "kasumi" New Wheels 6/16/15.

    Congrats - Opens up another realm of possibilities for you!
  9. Freddy's "w Ghost": March Teaser Pics

    Very Nice Pics! I like what you did with the headlights - very subtle!
  10. Some Photoshopped Pics Of Possible Future Mods

    I like the spoiler and I see where your going with it. Has a classic Lancer/Evo look which is hard to implement on a car that is much more modern. Regardless of what others say I like it, and for what its worth - everyone's got opinions good or bad. If it turns out anything like the photoshop I think it will be pretty clean and unique in a good way. Its also nice to see there is someone else that isn't concerned about "slamming" their lancer. By the looks of your other mods (roof rack and rally Armor mudflaps) you seem to take it off the beaten paths and more outdoors then street. Off subject: I also like what you did the the old Mitsu Red diamond emblem and lancer across the trunk. Nice touches!
  11. Taobao Projectors And Höen Foglights

    I considered HID's but I didn't want to worry about retrofit or finding a place to bracket the ballast. I wanted simple plug and play with no wires attached. I highly considered it though. Thanks for the feedback on the Hoens, I look forwards to the quality/durability.
  12. Un-Used Plugs?

    The one in the center console is for the AFS Adaptave headlight system feature on the international spec Bixenon projector headlights. The one on the drivers side console is for the auto level switch for the bixenon headlights The one inside the bumper next to the foglights I think is for the foglight feature on a DE. There is another connector under the passenger headlight that is a connector to the pump for the OEM headlight pressure nozzle washers
  13. Swap ?

    4B11t is essentially a 4B11. It just mated to an AWD platform, doesnt mean it couldn't fit your FWD with little to no modification and of course ECU changes. Think of it this way. The 2.0 turbo in the Hyundai Genisis is a sibling of the Mitsu 4B11t and is mated to a RWD setup. Don't let that get in your way. Exactly - your best bet is looking into the turb CVT post from RRM. Quick cheaper mod that RRM claims is tested to be reliable.
  14. Swap ?

    Very nice! Only problem is his CVT, so he would have to source a transmission to. Then again this was just posted by the RRM group: