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  1. Black 2017 GTS

  2. Vinyl Roof Wrap

    Wrapping really isn't hard. I spent about 40 on materials to wrap mine in carbon fiber. Removed the antenna and everything. The hardest part about wrapping the roof is you're gonna need a second set of hands, and the damn clips on the drip moldings are a pain to remove. You're guaranteed to break a few. They cost $7 a piece from Mitsubishi parts direct.
  3. LED Cupholders

    Should work. The good thing is most the LED's draw very little power, so you don't run the risk of overloading the circuit.
  4. Springs and struts question

    It can change the alignment slightly. It's recommended to get an alignment afterwards. To date, I haven't lol. I haven't noticed any problems. The 2010 will fit the 2015 just fine. Camber kits is a personal preference. They're not really needed.
  5. PL Major Update 2016

    shoutbox! yay
  6. PL Major Update 2016

    Very nice! I like it a lot!
  7. lol nobody does still. He tried to join TNE on facebook, and they booted him immediately.
  8. Headlight sucks bro. Have to remove the bumper. Well, to me it was easier then wedging my hand behind the headlight to unscrew the damn 9006 bulb. I guess you don't HAVE to, but oh well.
  9. Yup, 9g was bigger then PL, therefore housed more information. I always like the crowd around here more, mainly because one of their admins hated me lol. I'm surprised not everyone from there jumped ship. Most are on the facebook group "Team Not Evo" and don't post here too often.
  10. Honestly ever since 9gl died, traffic to this site died as well.
  11. This place has kinda slowed down over the years, mainly because there is less and less people sitting behind a computer. More people are resorting to facebook groups because it's more on the go. I haven't been around much because I don't sit at a desk anymore.
  12. Welcome! Find Texas Mitsubishi Icons or Houston Area Lancer Organization on facebook!
  13. Plastidiop Or Vinyl Without Removing?

    Go all out man, do the center console too!