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  1. Front End Squeaky Noise During Low Rpms

    I just replaced my belt, tensioner & both idler pullies a couple days ago, and now I've got a low-mid rpm chirp. Back into the garage it goes!
  2. Clutch Delay Valve

    I spent some time today looking for the CDV. It appears that the CDV is built into the slave cylinder. I'll get pics, but I won't be able to post them till I get my file space quota issues sorted out.
  3. Air Inlet Duct

    I've got one in Lakewood, WA.
  4. 4B11 Valve Clearance Adjustment

    I'm surprised that they went for solid lifters instead of hydraulic given the low redline on these engines. I'll be checking my clearances when I do service soon. So if I remember right, on the 4b12 the valve/piston clearance @ max cam advance is 0.008". I'll be replacing the bits that are out of spec. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I've got a similar condition. I did replace the drive belt, but the noise persists. I am suspect the idler pulley, but it could also be one of the pumps. I plan on diagnosing this in the coming week, so I will post back when I figure out what it is. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. How Thirsty Is Your Lancer?

    I get 18 to 23. That may go up when I do timing & fuel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Airflow Vs Tbopen%

    I found about an 11% increase over stock at wot switching from the stock to 4g69 TB 3-4 years ago. I do not remember the dimensions, but I think I picked up an extra 5mm in diameter. I will have to check.
  8. Year: 2009 Model: GTS Trans: 5MT Mileage: 67k DrivingStyle: Aggressive Track: No
  9. Airflow Vs Tbopen%

    So as a result of my research on this, I'll be switching back to my OEM TB, after I've worked on it a bit. It needs a little bit of dremel love. So I may have a 4g69tb up for sale soon.
  10. Airflow Vs Tbopen%

    Excellent set of answers. Cheers!
  11. Cel With Ecu Tune

    So now you need a new cat?
  12. Airflow Vs Tbopen%

    Anyone ever looked at this in detail? Thoughts?
  13. Cel With Ecu Tune Are you running without a cat? If no, then why the o2 eliminator? If yes, then that's probably your issue.
  14. 2008 Lancer Es Engine Removal

    I'm sure there's a 4b12 rom around here somewhere. Just need a cable.
  15. Disabling Drl.

    I've been running the jRox duel bypass for 5 years now and it does it's job well. No hids required.