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  1. Front End Squeaky Noise During Low Rpms

    I just replaced my belt, tensioner & both idler pullies a couple days ago, and now I've got a low-mid rpm chirp. Back into the garage it goes!
  2. Clutch Delay Valve

    I spent some time today looking for the CDV. It appears that the CDV is built into the slave cylinder. I'll get pics, but I won't be able to post them till I get my file space quota issues sorted out.
  3. Air Inlet Duct

    I've got one in Lakewood, WA.
  4. Some Lesser Known Lancer Tuning Parts And Ideas

    I had this made this a couple years back. It's good for dropping the TQ curve by about 330rpm. Edit, ok so it's not letting me upload a photo. 51.04KB.wierd.
  5. 4B11 Valve Clearance Adjustment

    I'm surprised that they went for solid lifters instead of hydraulic given the low redline on these engines. I'll be checking my clearances when I do service soon. So if I remember right, on the 4b12 the valve/piston clearance @ max cam advance is 0.008". I'll be replacing the bits that are out of spec. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I've got a similar condition. I did replace the drive belt, but the noise persists. I am suspect the idler pulley, but it could also be one of the pumps. I plan on diagnosing this in the coming week, so I will post back when I figure out what it is. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. How Thirsty Is Your Lancer?

    I get 18 to 23. That may go up when I do timing & fuel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Airflow Vs Tbopen%

    I found about an 11% increase over stock at wot switching from the stock to 4g69 TB 3-4 years ago. I do not remember the dimensions, but I think I picked up an extra 5mm in diameter. I will have to check.
  9. Year: 2009 Model: GTS Trans: 5MT Mileage: 67k DrivingStyle: Aggressive Track: No
  10. Airflow Vs Tbopen%

    So as a result of my research on this, I'll be switching back to my OEM TB, after I've worked on it a bit. It needs a little bit of dremel love. So I may have a 4g69tb up for sale soon.
  11. Airflow Vs Tbopen%

    Excellent set of answers. Cheers!
  12. Cel With Ecu Tune

    So now you need a new cat?
  13. Airflow Vs Tbopen%

    Anyone ever looked at this in detail? Thoughts?
  14. Cel With Ecu Tune Are you running without a cat? If no, then why the o2 eliminator? If yes, then that's probably your issue.
  15. 2008 Lancer Es Engine Removal

    I'm sure there's a 4b12 rom around here somewhere. Just need a cable.