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  1. Tree > Lancer, A Sad Tale

    Well, long time no visit. A Quick Update ... After 5 and a half months, I finally got another car. I had to keep in the JDM family though ! Its not really what I was dreaming of but I love it none the less. Gonna give it a bit of stance and eventually turbo it. It came with the leather and sports package so its slightly lower than stock, sitting on Bilstein spring and shocks with added bracing. But more of all I love it because it has a LSD Been do a bit of drifting in the local parking lot, it handles very very well, even without mods !
  2. Merry Xmas to all, all the way from South Africa !

  3. Tree > Lancer, A Sad Tale

    Hi all, Yes it seems I am at a loss.I must admit that the lancer is truly an awesome car, If it wasn't for a well made frame and strong A-pillars, I wouldn't be type this, but whispering it from the grave. It was one of those thing's you always believe, "it'll never happen to me". Early Sunday morning (3am, GMT+2) whilst on my way home from taking a friend to hospital the unthinkable happened. Luckily I was traveling slow (40kph) when out of no where a huge tree decided It needed to see how strong my front suspension, A-pillars and windscreen was. Yes, that's correct, it fell onto my car while i was driving. The car had 4 including myself, in the drivers seat. By some miracle I was able to see something before we crashed and shouted "duck and cover" which I did so as well. This saved the life of my friend who was in the front seat as well as mind. Everyone except me escaped with minor injuries, I had small pieces of glass in the back of my head (shattered glass, so not much blood at all) and I've been on head injury watch since then. All in all, I'm just really glad everyone is alive and doing well. Except for my Lancer which (still to be confirmed by insurance) is a total write-off, as seen in the pics attached. So whats next for me ? I'm not entirely sure, having driven my friends 400kw Toyota Supra (around 530hp) i'm wanting something with a bit of power and which is RWD as I love drifting. I might even try get my dream car imported over, a Nissan s15 Silvia direct from Japan. But I think it'll take some time, and money, for me to make up my mind. I shall not be abandoning the Project Lancer community though, I login from time to time and maybe update you all on the choice I make. Until then, To all you modders out there, keep it up. And to everyone who loves their lancer, just remember to give em a hug and tell them how special they are, because you dont know what you have til its gone !
  4. Your Driving Song for the Day
  5. My New Brz Love At First Sight

    Very nice, congrats man !
  6. Your Driving Song for the Day Nothing Like some "old school" hip-hop every now and then, good cruising music.
  7. Oh wow, I dont understand how someone could treat such a beautiful piece of engineering like complete $**t !
  8. Glenn Quagmire- Posted goodbye pics! Car has been SOLD! :(

    Congrats dude, cars lookin Goooooood !
  9. That 3rd shot, wow, looks amazing Nice shoot bro !!!
  10. The two biggest ones are the of the StanceNation meet, seen it in the StanceNation and Canibeat vids of the event. - StanceNation Vid I'll try find the canibeat one Otherwise Ive seen a few random sites use pics you posted, like
  11. Nice, good to see a sportsback gettin some magazine love ! Seeing more and more shots of your car from that meet on the web too
  12. GOPR0005

    From the album Random Cars

    Custom Exhaust, no res, just a straight pipe with a little silencer on the end.
  13. GOPR0004

    From the album Random Cars

    Webber carbs.
  14. GOPR0003

    From the album Random Cars

    Ford Kent 1600 bore'd out to 1800 & sleeved