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  1. Wrap Roof With Rust And Install Vortex Generator

    I'd say try get all the rust off then spray it with paint or some kind of protective coating. After that, install the vinyl. As for the vortex generator, I'd say either way is ok, but preferably onto the roof first.
  2. The Bruiser (Blue On Black Cruiser)

    its been maybe a year now with how crazy my car looks and have not been stopped by police yet. rear louver been on for about a month, no troubles yet. I see muscle cars with rear louvers all the time. I believe it originated with muscle cars long ago.
  3. The Bruiser (Blue On Black Cruiser)

    lol i live there. haha thanks! you didn't holler ?
  4. The Bruiser (Blue On Black Cruiser)

    that wheel is plastidipped black
  5. The Bruiser (Blue On Black Cruiser)

    i know!! thats far! lol. come to mod in cypress
  6. The Bruiser (Blue On Black Cruiser)

    i did a thing again free image hosting
  7. Help With Heat Shield Build

    what you have is a "short ram" intake. there are "cold air" intakes out there that have longer routed piping that has the filter farther away from manifold.
  8. Optic_Ace Lancer Project

    i like your front bumper
  9. The Bruiser (Blue On Black Cruiser)

    A louver (American English) or louvre (British English) is a window blind or shutter with horizontal slats that are angled to admit light and air, but to keep out rain, direct sunshine, and noise. The angle of the slats may be adjustable, usually in blinds and windows, or fixed. -Wikipedia uploadimage
  10. So I Spun A Bearing In My Lancer...

    what does that mean?
  11. The Bruiser (Blue On Black Cruiser)

    made rear window louvers. lol windows screen capture capture screen screen shot online photo storage free image uploader images hosting rear view. my measurements were not that far off. images upload
  12. Jhadzei Progress Thread

  13. The Bruiser (Blue On Black Cruiser)

    finding those fender flares used is very rare, and buying straight from the Chargespeed site is exspensive. my engine is running rich. it would only run rich for sometime, then go back to normal, then run rich again. i have a ARF gauge installed and it would read 14s then drop to 10.
  14. The Bruiser (Blue On Black Cruiser)

    Thanks! I got the fender flares used from a guy near me. haha, thanks. I still have more exterior stuff planned for it, but I'm having troubles with the car and hope to get it running right again.
  15. Coolant Sensor

    Hey guys, where is the water/coolant temperature sensor located? and how many are there?