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  1. I'm Back .... Again Lol

    Clean car bro! My Evo made 450/380 on the stock clutch so as long as you don't beat the piss out of it you should be fine
  2. Evo X Turbo Set Up

    Hey bro I think we're the one's emailing back and forth! Hahaha Such a small community! Are you Mike?
  3. Piecing Together A Turbo Kit

    Broooo PM me!
  4. New Member From Texas

    I Naw it's the one in my prof pic. I need to road trip out there and see if I can find her! Hahaha
  5. New Member From Texas

    Welcome man, I'm down in San Antonio! My old boosted Lancer was sold to someone out in Killeen I think!
  6. I'm pretty sure the custom fab you'd need to mount the transmission and motor would be around the same price as fixing the 4B11T or ordering a new 4b11t as a direct drop in.
  7. Turboing A Lancer Gts

    /Hey man so reading your post I'm assuming you haven't bought the lancer yet? I'd say you should find yourself a cheaper Ralliart or you can even find EVo 8s or 9s for relatively cheap nowadays but if that's not possible then turboing the lancer is definitely a great way to go. I highly recommend it! Building mine taught me so much about the car and allowed me to put in wrench time. I loved my boosted GTS. But you should definitely do a ton of research beforehand though. Hit up 9glancers.com and check out their forced induction threads. You'll find numerous turbo builds and a ton of guys that know all about these cars. But knowledge is power when it comes to boosting an N/A. It's not as easy as slapping on a turbo and boosting down the street as you probably know. Haha But in all honest, 350 is going to cost a ton of money. 250 is more realistic. That's still a ton of power for these cars and you'll still have a blast! I'd say it'll cost you between 2500-4000 depending on how thrifty and patient you are. I searched tons of forums and dug through the internet to find used parts at reasonable prices. Remember, the more you know the easier and more reliable your build will be. Make sure you read read read and know what you're getting into. I researched for almost a year before I started my build and even with all that knowledge I still ran into problems so use the forums, ask questions and know what you're doing. Good luck with the build though man and keep us posted! PM me if you have any questions!
  8. New Member From Texas!

    Welcome to PL! I'm here San Antonio!!!!
  9. Enthusiast's 2014 Mitsubishi Evolution

    Haha I figured bro I was just giving you crap! So yesterday I picked up the Evo from TFP! Here are my final numbers! Had to top her off today on my lunch break I was also just mulling around Ebay and picked up this little aesthetic piece I can't wait to throw it on! So as you all know I've done a ton to the car in the little over a month that I've had it so It's time to give the wife a break. I'm extremely happy with where she's at right now but for the time being I'm saving up for a new clutch and retune to put me over the 400awhp mark. I'll keep the post updated with pics and what not for your viewing pleasure!!! Thank you all!!!
  10. Enthusiast's 2014 Mitsubishi Evolution

    Thanks man! It's the GSR so it's 5-speed the TCSST is auto bro You can install it just can't go WOT until tuned because you can get some nasty boost spikes. I just had the shop do my injectors and 3-port because I ran out if time. Picking her up today tho!!!! I'm so pumped!!! I'll post some pics Thanks man! Yeah :,( It was hard to let her go but the Evo is such a nice upgrade. I can't really explain the difference. My Lancer had some nice raw power but the way the Evo handles power is out of this world!!!
  11. Enthusiast's 2014 Mitsubishi Evolution

    Thanks!!! I love the color!
  12. Enthusiast's 2014 Mitsubishi Evolution

    Yeah bro I'm so pumped to pick her up. I'm excited to be done and enjoy the car at that power level for a while.
  13. Enthusiast's 2014 Mitsubishi Evolution

    Thanks bro! Yeah man when I first picked her up my Lancer was way faster, after the exhaust I'd say they'd be about neck and neck but my buddy let me borrow his Cobb until I can get mine protuned and on the COBB stage 2 Tune my evo picked up a lot of power. So I'm just about finished with all the mods I'm going to be doing for a while. Haha I think I have a good amount done considering I've had the car for a little over a month...(Have to give the wife a little break on car parts...) But here are the few new additions to my baby: So I figure what's a boosted car without gauges?! I had a wideband and boost gauge in my Lancer so I had to get some for the Evo. I picked up an AEM Wideband and a Defi boost gauge with the Rexspeed pillar pod. I love the way they look with the COBB AP! So after the gauges were installed my buddy hit me up and said he was selling some 6000k HIDs for a great price so I had to pick those up. I still have to work on the fogs but I don't think she looks too bad for now. I bothered me that I couldn't hear any spool with that big old air box and the flex UICP looks so bad so I had to upgrade those. I picked up the ETS SRI and UICP as well as the Grimmspeed 3 port. The intake and UICP really made the engine bay pop and I could definitely feel some nice gains. With all the parts and especially the 3 port I was in bad need of a tune, even with the COBB so I hit up my buddy Matt from Take Flight Performance so i could schedule a tune. I had to schedule it a bit out so while I was waiting I came across some DW1000cc injectors for an unbeatable price so I picked those up and thought "YOLO" so I ordered the DW65C fuel pump to go along with it. The fuel pump was kind of a pain to install because it's in tank but a few hours and a garage/house smelling like fuel later. She was flowing fuel at 265lph! Yup yup, Sasha's going to be on that E85 status! So right now she's at TFP growing her wings! I can't wait to get her back and see what kind of power she's throwing down! Any guesses?!
  14. Enthusiast's 2014 Mitsubishi Evolution

    I appreciate all the comments!!! SO I haven't updated you guys on the progress of Sasha in a while so here goes a little bit of an update. I had to add the "Spirit of Competition" decal and I think I'm going to go with a silver/gold theme on the car. But here's a pic of the car with the decal and some random pics I've take of her so far. I also added Ralliart Mudflaps too and I think it gives her a nice aggressive look! So driving her is a blast! The AWD is insane and the handling is outstanding but with the stock exhaust she was soooo quiet and my Lancer was way faster than she is bone stock so I had to start on the preformance parts. I picked up AMS catback single exit exhaust and an AMS test pipe and installed them. The single exit sounds soooo good and she pops like no other! I love it! Here are a couple vids. I'm going to try and take a better one but these will do for now. My buddy shot this one and text it to me so the quality is pretty poor but you can still hear it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHF2yNNGNGk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLaSEw99X5k This vid was just the catback before I had the test pipe on. Wife took the video so don't mind the funky angles haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5CVcm5I5zk Here are a few more pics of my baby <3 Also Rolly whipped me up a little somethin somethin... So on the way I have ETS SRI, ETS UICP and a Grimspeed 3 port Boost controller. Then I'm going to get her tuned and we'll see where she's sitting after that! I love the car though if you couldn't notice and I'll keep you all updayed on her progress!
  15. Enthusiast's 2014 Mitsubishi Evolution

    Most def bro! Hit me up when you head down Drew! Thanks Maj3st1k!