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  1. Hello To All My Sf Bay And Nearby People

    I will mention it to the other members. Feel free to post info on NorCal Mitsubishi owners club on facebook.
  2. Hello To All My Sf Bay And Nearby People

    Hi welcome to PL check out Calilancers on Facebook as well as NorCal Mitsubishi Owners Club on Facebook.
  3. Your Driving Song for the Day

    I saw godsmack in 2010 live I want to go to another but they haven't been to Nor Cal lately. Their show was amazing.
  4. Hello From Greece

    Hi welcome to ProjectLancer. I'm also Greek
  5. The Dude Is Stepping Down

    Thank you for everything you have done on this site and helping me with any questions that I had in the past. It was great chatting with you from time to time in the shoutbox.
  6. New Member From Ca

    Welcome to ProjectLancer
  7. Hi

    1. IslandKiddo


      Hiya! How's it going!?

  8. How To Remove The Silver Trim Around The Rpm And Mph Gauges

    Is this Rotor Glow color match? I have been wanting to match mine but have not had the chance just yet.
  9. New From Socal And 9Glancers

    Welcome to ProjectLancer
  10. 2009 Lancer From California, Bay Area!

    That would be great.
  11. 2009 Lancer From California, Bay Area!

    Ya theres some members also in San Jose. We can set something up. Heres one of our meets that we had in Oakland from July.
  12. 2009 Lancer From California, Bay Area!

    I'm from San Mateo.
  13. 2009 Lancer From California, Bay Area!

    Welcome to ProjectLancer, I'm also from the Bay Area. What city are you in?
  14. Rallinspired Flash Tune Review Thread

    I drive a 2010 Lancer GTS 2.4L CVT. I currently have the RRM: SRI, light weight pully, header & Magnaflow Catback Exhaust. Before I went to Rick to tune my Lancer I had the RRM timing controller and RRM piggyback installed in my car with the rest of the performance mods listed above. Since my car is my daily driver I was able to feel some slight difference day to day in the cars performance but nothing too drastic. After about a year with these installed I wanted to see how well a tune would be and I was able to have Rick personally tune my car in SoCal. Once I had the RRM timing controller and RRM piggyback removed Rick was able to tune my car. Once the tune was complete I was able to feel more of a difference in the cars performance either in Drive or in manual mode. I can tell that the car was able to gain speed quicker than before and I did not feel any more of the sluggish issue that I had previously experienced when I had the timing controller and piggyback installed. Even though my car is not a true manual I do feel a much more improved response when I switch the car to manual mode. Another great thing is that I can see that my car has better gas mileage than it previously had which is also very good. I'm very happy that I did choose to get my Lancer tuned by Rick and have recommended others to get their car tuned by him as well. My experience with Rick is great and I would definitely go back to Rick if I had another car to tune.
  15. Lancerreplay's Progress Thread

    I have a few more additions that I want to add to my car but will wait until next year to buy some new stuff.