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  1. Gsr Transmission In Lancer

    Yeah thats true, but its all about the reliability too. and sourcing parts for the lancer is hard. Evo x is so easy and they build them all the time here. The stock evo x box can handle over 450hp ! And its got factory LSD . So i feel this way it will be strong and no worries. HAHA yeah will do man. but wont be for a while. Spoke to a shop yesterday. They are certain they can do it. So we will see how we go
  2. Gsr Transmission In Lancer

    Yeah im just not sure how much the gearbox can handle I mean its designed for a 110HP car lol Having the Evo X drivetrain will just be a dream. Shorter gear ratios too, stronger box and also parts are easier to source out than NA boxes, Everyone is always selling this for evo x. Yup my issue is exiting too haha Single spinner and just frys and thats with semi slicks! (NITTO NT01 ) Im already on 315HP at the wheels on low boost on E85. Its not that bad, 1st and 2nd struggle but rolling from 2nd ger is fine. Honestly i just want something thats more durable and that can handle my needs.. HArd street driving, more power and track days!
  3. Gsr Transmission In Lancer

    nahh, its not that simple to just go AWD. Theres too much work in that lol Ive got my reasons for FWD and want it to remain FWD, Power drive train loss ? This is why i want to lock it up somehow so that power doesnt go to the rears.
  4. Gsr Transmission In Lancer

    hey guys, im from australia and i want to do this swap too. Using the evo x tranny. But from what ive sussed out. We actually need to use the evo x transfer case too! Since the front diff is in there. Which will be a factory LSD. But the issue we really have is that since its a ACD, its 50/50, so we need to figure out how to block something in the transfer case to make it 100% FWD. Any luck anyone with this ?
  5. Evo X And Lancer Driveshaft The Same ?

    my worry is , will the evo x driveshaft fit in my lancer hub ? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, Does anyone know if the evo x driveshaft will fit into the lancer hub ? or are they different dimensions and the splines. Thanks guys
  7. So i bought some evo X shifter cable bushes. By MItsubishi the evo x and lancer cj part numbers are the same But the issue is, i dont know how to take mine off on the Lancer, tried to search and look at videos but it just looks different to mine. These are the bushes... Thanks guys !
  8. Yeah its good haha feels a littler stiffer! Really feel it when you do hill climbs
  9. First Lancer on E85 in Australia ? Beeble and i went for a drive. and made the 98 tune run with no flames or poping and fuel efficient as possible. On the 2nd map is the E85 tune. With crazy pops and a little bit of flames hehe These maps can be changed by holding down the Cruise control button ON/OFF Unfortunately since my car isnt an evo. the light doesnt come on to show me ive changed MAPS.... But Beeble will nut it out and wait for Tephra's new update . Heres the figures. Nice and smooth power curve! Did a before and after. 98 fuel was around the 150kw ATW mark. on 11psi E85 is around 170kw ATW. 11psi So 20kw gain from changing fuels ! Smells better then petrol ahah cheaper and reads almost no emissions BUT yes, it burns upto 30% quicker! But worth it.
  10. Tow Strap For Track! (Evo X)

    Wont work... Needs to be bigger bolt. These ones you gotta drill.
  11. Tow Strap For Track! (Evo X)

    Hey guys, Going to Winton Raceway in March. And im looking for a TOW STRAP that screws into the front bumper where the TOW HOOK goes. Dont like the TOW HOOK, has anyone used the TOW STRAP or know where to get one ? And i dont want to dirll my bumper for the strap.... Thanks ! Like this but for evo x
  12. Hmm something new OLD SEATS ! Mmmm RECARO'S! Beeble working his magic YING YANG ! TIME FOR FLAMES !! Straight through cat
  13. ALSO bought a DEPO UICP Engine bay is slowly getting there !
  14. BIRTHDAY PRESENT FROM PARENTS ARK DESIGN TURBO TIMER. Such a simple and nice looking timer. 3 Different options, 30 seconds, 1 minute and 3 minutes And its PLUG AND PLAY!!