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  1. Hello, my name is kevin. I have a 2009 Lancer and am attempting to perform my own color change mod on the interior (Dash, MFD, Hvac etc.) Bottom line, i am trying to get rid of the stock red lighting and I've seen you had much success with that. Would it be possible to get your notes/pictures on this project. This is my first time attempting something on this scale, so any help would be appreciated. Thank you!





  2. Elite member with an empty gallery?

    1. fastcar123


      back in the day, the only way to post pictures on this site was to embed them with a third party image hosting website. As the site evolved, I never really dropped the habit. I post pictures in almost every thread I make

    2. AnotherLancerGuy


      Ohhh I gotchu, I'm new so I don't really know much about the site, but am currently trying to get used to it:ph34r:

  3. RA hood and Ezlip

    oh man! That hood+bumper+lip combo look freaking dope! Job well done
  4. My Lancer Progress

    Oh man it has been way too long for me to have put an update on here. A lot can change in 10 months. I would say that a lot has changed. First thing. I replaced the blue LED in my floor boards for some RGB. I have a dial that I can just select the color and it will stay that color. I have this connected to a dimmer that allows me to dim them beyond what the module will allow. I have it set to green for reference.. The controls are located to the right of the driver seat Next thing is not an upgrade, but a repair. Apparently the paint on my spoiler was not done very well as it started chipping and bleaching late last year. So I sanded primed and repainted the whole thing. The worst part is that I let it get this bad Sanded... Repainted Not the best paint job, I know. But fortunately it looks good in most light settings. You can really only tell in certain light. Next thing I did was install a light bar on the roof. A 175W 36 inch light bar. One may ask, "what do you need that for?" and to that I say, "because...." (lots of reasons) The light bar is wired with the high beams. It triples the light output from the front of my car. You can see everything. In this picture you can see the very back of my neighborhood which is a solid 300 yards away. To put it in perspective, that light on the side of the building turned off when I turned this on, because it thought it was daylight out. The next thing I added was a 600 farad super capacitor to add 300A to the (admittedly overdrawn) power grid. I didn't really feel like it was worth taking a picture of this as it is buried beneath the battery. Next thing isn't an upgrade at all. Just me realizing how old this car has gotten... 100K Next thing I put on was a backup camera/dash cam. I regret not buying one of these before. Another nonupgrade is my trunk, which I have prepared for any situation that I have already encountered Last thing I put on was some rallyarmor basic mud flaps, to go with the whole rally theme. Well that's it for now. I'm getting to the point now, where I don't really have much more options for future mods. But as long as I can find new ideas and inspirations, I'll keep modding
  5. How To: Sport Mode For 2011+ Es And De Lancers

    Yes. This part needs to be removed. if not the shift lock will not engage. Just use the red and black wires for the solenoid. and connect them as I have shown.
  6. How To: Sport Mode For 2011+ Es And De Lancers

    yes. You will have the 2 wires from the shift lock which will remain the same. You will also have 2 wires for the lightbulb for the prnd+- label. Leave these where they are. So there will be a total of 8 wires on the shifter. 4 of them come out of the switch for the actual shifter. These are the ones to cut if you have a relay on your shifter, you'll have to cut it out as it isn't needed. Then rewire the shift lock solenoid as shown. To recap, love the wires for the shift lock and light bulb. cut the wires for the shift switch. hope that helps to clear things up a bit
  7. Rev Limiters for Lancers?

    what I do know is that the rev limiter is controlled by the ECU. You would need it to be tuned to get this effect. I also know that my 2011 es makes something of that sound when I hit the rev limiter. But I don't think it's as aggressive as anything like that. That's where my knowledge stops. I have no clue how to get it to be more aggressive and to have that ratatata that you're looking for
  8. CVT Transmission fluid

    this is not something that I have experienced on my lancer. There is an oil drain plug on the bottom of the transmission to drain the fluid. however above all else, if you're not comfortable doing it, take to the the dealer.
  9. CVT Transmission fluid

    I have still yet to be able to find a fluid filter on my 2011 ES cvt. Not sure if I am doing it wrong or what. For me, all I do is drain the fluid completely, cycle the gears while it drains, and fill it back up. Just like an oil change. I do this ever 30K miles give or take. My fluid never looks more dirty than I would expect it to. I use red eneos synthetic cvt fluid. It goes in at a translucent bright red and comes out a translucent burgundy. Somebody correct me if I am doing it wrong, but I feel like its one of the easier things to do.
  10. New from Aus:

    welcome to project lancer, Ray!
  11. Do you you want a DIY exhaust that costs nothing?

    it's an inventive idea, but doing this creates major loss in back pressure. once I took my muffle off just for S***S and giggles. The result was underwhelming. I had decent sound, but horrible pressure and a loss in engine power. Like a dramatic loss. It made me think I was in limp mode. Now to be fair, I said I had removed it entirely. It is possible that what you are doing by leaving the exhaust on there is maintaining some back pressure. Regardless though, there still is a loss in pressure. Maybe you hit the sweet spot where a loss in pressure is good and helps the engine. do some 0-30,0-60, and 0-80 test before and after. Time yourself to see how long it takes to go a quater mile stretch before and after. That's probably the easiest way without dynoing after all is said and done. I like the way you think.
  12. 09 GTS Front Grille Lightbar

    I just got some on eBay. Nothing special. welding it on will work yes, but depending on your mount type for your led bar, it may not work the way you intended. For mine I could not weld. If I welded the bolt or nut to the crash bard, then I'd have no way or turning it to get it threaded into each other. I think the only way welding it would work is if yours has metal side mounts as opposed to in the middle mounts like mine. So in short I don't think it will work
  13. 09 GTS Front Grille Lightbar

    I did this with 2individual light bars. My advice is this. angle the bar slightly up. It will look a little goofy when you project it on a wall or garage door, but trust me you need it. another thing. Make sure you leave yourself enough space for the curvature of the bumper. Otherwise when you put your bumper back on (also you will need to remove the bumper entirely), it won't fit right. you will need to buy longer screws the fit the nuts that come with your kit. The crash bar is quite thick. You will also need a power drill (get a chorded. Do not use a cordless drill), and a carbide bit meant for metal. Spend the extra money and get a good carbide drill bit. Also buy some non flamable lube. Wd-40 should work, but I was worried about the sparks flying so I ended up using from a spray bottle. The steel you will be drilling through is about a half inch thick. If you use a normal bit (like I did) with little to no lube, you will break a few of them and it will take forever. Seriously it took me like an hour and a half for one stupid hole. that should be it unless you'd think you need help with the wiring portion. The install itself is the hardest part for sure.
  14. What would you do??

    I'd definitely go the extra mile and get it painted. Something like a lip kit or a roof spoiler will be fine left black, but I wouldn't do something so large as a bumper. But that's just me.
  15. Changing color.

    I can do it for you if your interested. It require soldering new meds on pcbs. Kinda a pain to do unless you have the right tools.