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  1. Andy's RA

    Thanks! Cleanliness is godliness haha
  2. Andy's RA

    Some recent random pictures of the car. Did some polishing on it. Can wait to fully correct the paint
  3. Andy's RA

    Lol, yeah maybe $1000 in used parts and my labor. I'm not interested in doing things halfway, I'd rather put the oem components back on that were there initially. That and insurance is paying for it. The car needs as follows wheel refinished front bumper Dent removal and respray on fender new fender liner new bellypan headlight bumper unpainted from Mitsubishi is $770 fender liner is $75. Plus the cost of the belly pan, headlight, exchange of garnishing from one bumper to the other, paint work, etc. it's a lot more than a couple clips. Bumper is creased in 2 spots, bumper was torn out of the fender, as well as the fender liner and the belly pan. Cracked the headlight housing. i could honestly just leave it as is, but I'd rather have it put back to how it was. Down to the last push clip. Except with a fresh coat of paint on the bumper and no more rock chips! Also going to have the body shop do a pinch of touch up too
  4. Andy's RA

    Nice man glad to hear good karma came back to you. They always say do unto others as you would want others to do unto you!
  5. Andy's RA

    Guy parked his sportster right at my back quarter panel, at the end of the parking spot. It was in my blind spot and lowered so it was below my window line. Barely clipped it backing out. It was my fault however you look at it, but who parks like that? Bike suffered maybe $200-$300 in damage and I'm looking at about $2500-$3000
  6. Andy's RA

    Seems a good thing never lasts forever 🙄
  7. Andy's RA

    Some random shots of my car and my buddy's evo. Also installed his UICP to my car
  8. Andy's RA

    Thanks gstacruz777, I was on the fence at first but after doing the window trim it has grown on me. Here's a neat edit from a friend of mine. Feel free to follow my ig @long.pearl.roof for frequent car pics
  9. Andy's RA

    Did some work to the car today. Wash/clay/wash/wax
  10. You'll love the awd, especially in ny
  11. 2015 Lancer GT (2.4 m/t)

    There is a good possibility that it may get to 200hp with that list, but is the cost of all of those parts worth the 30hp? For the same money or less you could buy everything you needed to boost a n/a lancer. Now for the same cost you've gained around 100hp. Chances are he is going to get bored with 200 crank horsepower pretty quick. I know when I tuned and mildly built my other car 300awhp felt quick at first, but quick enough was feeling slow again.
  12. 2013 Lancer SE Build

    Clean! Cosmic blue ftw! Slight drop and it should sit real nice
  13. 2015 Lancer GT (2.4 m/t)

    Nicely compiled list there, sepelio. I dont however think that's going to yield 200hp and if so, you'd probably be spending more than a used turbo setup. @dcjones89 I had the injen CAI and rrm pulley on my gts, I didn't think they did anything but make noise and be shiny. My my friend is building his 15 x this winter and I am acquiring all of his oem turbo components. I may have my RA setup available come spring. 38k miles on my setup
  14. 2015 Lancer GT (2.4 m/t)

    Turbo. That's going to yield the best result, weighing $ to hp gain. Just find a used evo/RA setup.
  15. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood questions

    If the vent design mimics the evo then absolutely, that'd be my first choice. You may have to epoxy them in. In the meantime Of the sealed box, id grab the filter sock