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  1. Why Wont Mitsubishi Honor My Warranty?

    Definitely bug them until they honor it man. Maybe even threaten to bring a lawyer. They made a promise to you though your warrenty. Make them honor it.
  2. *urgent* (Sorta) My Bumper Is Loose...

    If one of the large clips in the bumper that go into the headlights are broken, they yes buy a new clip for sure. I can't remember if it's part of the bumper or if it's replacable but if it is, do it. It aligns the bumper and holds it there.
  3. Will Fit My Lancer Es 2009

    Yes search next time, this has been covered many times. Just to get it out of the way, that is for a 2.4 liter engine, so its not going to fit your car. again, use the search and you'll find tons of info on what you need. Hopefully this thread gets deleted to keep things tidy.
  4. Tires Psi

    It will tell you what the best psi is for your tire on the tire's sidewall.
  5. I had a similar sound when the AC was on at and at low speeds. Took it to the dealership and they replaced my alternator, which had a TSB on it. Basically a defective bearing on the alternator pully. After they replaced it, it went away. Ask about that. I made a post about it here before.
  6. Front End Damage, Looking For Replacement Parts

    What color is your car? I have a white hood
  7. Anyone Ever Do A Cvt To Auto Trans Swap?

    To my knowledge there is no regular automatic transmission made for our cars. Only manual, cvt, and sst. Any of those would be wildly expensive. If you've got deep pockets anything is possible, but if you have deep pockets you're probobly better off trading it for a manual. Sorry bro.
  8. Car Insurance

    I pay 120 for my car. 19 years old, clean record. 2013 GT full coverage. It's with california casualty.
  9. Screwed Over Again

    Under 100k though, shouldn't warrenty cover it?
  10. Tinted Tail Lights

    I tried to do this a couplet works ago. I couldn't do it. Sucks because I'm usually really good with vinyl.
  11. 2010 Lancer Se 2.0 Liter Manual Takeda Sri Tr-4201P Cel

    There's plenty of people with that intake. I havnt heard of any major problems.
  12. So I Am At An Impasse (Spoiler Talk)

    Ive always really liked the doluck trunks.... I mean its not a spoiler, but it looks like one. Best option IMO just very pricy haha
  13. Clutch Slave Cylinder

    It's probably very similar to the evos, given that our transmission bolts on to the 4b11t. You may have more luck looking on an evo x forum. They know all about blowing transmissions. Lol.
  14. Transmission/ Ac Squeak?

    So I went and they replaced my alternator for free. The squeak is gone. So that was the problem. Based on the reciet I got it looks like changing the alternator is pretty troublesome haha. Said they had to remove some of the AC lines and refil em. But yeah thankfully this problem is gone.
  15. New To The Mitsubishi Family And The Forum

    Congrats on the car, I love sportbacks. Welcome!