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  1. Xero's Latest Acquisition!

    Been a while, so...
  2. Xero's Latest Acquisition!

    I like the new ones since they look more like the 1969 model. And on to some new pics!!!! Got some new wheels. It was getting dark, but I got a few pics, any way.
  3. This is not about cais. It is about pod filters. Two different animals.
  4. Xero's Latest Acquisition!

    Yeah, the front is sleeker and the tails are no longer part of the bumper. They kind of remind me of the last generation Prelude tail lights.
  5. Xero's Latest Acquisition!

    Meh, it is okay, but I have seen better interiors.
  6. Xero's Latest Acquisition!

    Got tired of FWD and low hp/tq. So I traded in the Galant for a 2014 Camaro LFX. I love it so far. Lowering it his weekend and the supercharger will go on in a month or two.
  7. Help! Front Tow Hook Installation

    I kid, I kid. I love you guys and you know it.
  8. Help! Front Tow Hook Installation

    Bunch of ricers.
  9. Help! Front Tow Hook Installation

    You guys plan on breaking down a lot?
  10. Coilover Installation

    I have a full write-up in the how-to section. Search.
  11. Steering Wheel Shake

    Not necessarily. If you have too much toe, you won't get pulling, but you will get feathering at higher speeds.
  12. Lowering Help

    Depends on the offset, but that narrow of a wheel, I doubt it.
  13. Steering Wheel Shake

    Most likely wheel out of balance. Could also be alignment. Or even a bad tire.
  14. Just Bought The Tsudo Axle Back!

    I hope so. It would be nice to have that option for the newer models.
  15. Steering Wheel Shake

    Maybe. I would still use a free check to be sure.