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  1. How To: Fogs As Drl/on Without Headlights

    Didn't work on my car darn it
  2. Interior part names / codes needed

    This is way off topic but how do I start a stream I need help wiring some rostra DRLS on my gts and need to post so if anyone can help
  3. Need Help guys I need to know the name of this part and where to get it's a steel tube by the throttle body with a spring looking thing in the center mine broke off and its making a real loud noise 

  4. I'm on KYBs and eibach sportlines they're working out just fine!!
  5. Instagram Username Sharing Thread

    ifollow back lol
  6. Instagram Username Sharing Thread

    Mine is jerry_bernardino don't follow if you're gona act IG famous that's the sh*t I don't like
  7. Would It Fit?

    lol well I just want a meaty tire I don't want to feel every lil bump or rock i go over and it's not gona be on stock height Im on eibach sportlines right now and like the height of it not to low or not to high I willl be getting coilovers tho
  8. Would It Fit?

    lol im thinking of cutting my fenders and adding fender flares, and iwant that tire size because idont like stretched tires and im not planning on lowering the car no stance look here lol
  9. Would It Fit?

    hey guys im currently on eibach sportlines, I want to run 18' +22 10.5 wheels with 265/35 tires what would I need for this to work I already have the megan camber kit thanks!!!!!!
  10. lol mine were in there pretty tight and there's no where really to get a good grip on them so when I pulled out hard as f**k cracked corners lol I was pissed!
  11. LMFAO I cracked both of mine the first time I replaced them learned my lesson though
  12. Ball Joints

    mine does the same thing bro and I just had my control arms replaced!!!
  13. Would It Fit?

    where can i get those flares?
  14. Would It Fit?

    is there anyway to get this with a lil more beefy tire? or will that screw it up?