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  1. *Ultimate Lowering Thread*

    Thanks. BTW the specs are: Rota Torque 18x9.5" et30 with 5mm spacers straight Sailun Tires 215/40/18 Dropped on D2 Street specs, max rear.
  2. *Ultimate Lowering Thread*

    Hi. I don't think you can go any lower with a set of D2. I have D2 and currently maxed in rear. What is that cup you consider cutting? So I could probably do on my D2 as I want to go lower.
  3. Official Exhaust Video Thread

    That Rein Hard exhaust sounds good, probably just 2nd to the below The dual exhaust is for STI '13. but the owner sold it and put it on Fortis.
  4. Turboing A Lancer Gts

    ^ What's the safe range boost for 4B11? Ive got a 4A92 engine 1.6L and I am planning to turbo it, so Im wondering if the safe range for 4B11 would also be the safe range for my engine? Just newbie here.
  5. Turboing A Lancer Gts

    This one from Thailand makes 306WHP
  6. Rim Show Off

    Prodrive GC05F 18x8.5 ET 40 with 5mm spacers all corners, Federal SS595 225/40/18
  7. Inner Cv Boot Leak?

    Mine is broken too on front right, not that ripped and you wont even see it, just 2 pinholes on the 2nd ring. Planning to seal it with a strong glue and electrical tape on top. Didnt have time yet as I had to focus on more serious problem-- my axle hitting the body, like the inner fender. Had to cut it as it will break my CV joint which is too costly. BTW, we have aftermarket Axle boots here that only costs 1-2 USD, and the OEM one costs 7-8 USD. I am from the Philippines, and here's my ride below on D2 coils.
  8. Yup! Both my SRI and headers are from Speedlab.
  9. How I wish bro. The last picture was taken from a mini EB/bday party of one of the Fortis Crew in PH. That's his place not mine. It is in Alabang. Thanks! Just the fangs and center lip, and a diffuser on each fang. I wanted the RA Lip but I dont think it would fit. Thanks! Pinas = Pineapple? Thanks! Thanks bro. Thanks mate. Pinoy or Aus?
  10. Hmm hindi eh, same lang din siguro. Mejo limited pa nga dito kasi puro kinokopya lang din sa mga orig. daming wala dito 1 example is the V-lip. Konte pagpipilian e. Maganda at mura sa Malaysia (Rainbow Pen). **Sry for the vernacular PL. Thanks!
  11. Hi All, I am not sure if there's anyone else here who has the same engine as mine which is a 4A92. I am basically looking for performance parts to put, specifically Throttle Body and Lightweight Crank Pulley. Or anything else you could suggest? Does anyone here know a TB or Pulley upgrade that would fit my engine? I wonder if those that fit 4b11 would also fit mine. My mods are: CF Hood CF Trunk CF GT Wing OEM Side Skirts with add-on diffuser OEM Chin/fangs with center lip and add-on diffuser ARS Rear Skirt Vortex Generator (plastic) HID Low Beam Headlights 6000k Short Ram Intake with KNN filter 4-1 Headers ROTA IKF 18x8.5" rims with Federal SS595 225/40 tires Tein S-Tech springs Bosch Europa Supertone Horn Fresh at the dealer: Now: