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  1. New from scotland. 2010 lancer sportsback

    Very nice Paul.
  2. Newbie Lancer GS3 UK

    If you still have your Lancer then feel free to join my group on Facebook: Mitsubishi Lancer UK (non Evo). There's a lot of us there and we are currently planning for a club stand at Castle Combe for Forge Action Day on September 9th. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  3. First Mitsubishi

    I believe the microphone is in the roof with front passenger cabin lights, I'm not sure where the module for the Bluetooth is fitted, but if you are struggling I may be able to find out. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  4. New on here! 2.0L DI-D Lancer GS4

    Hello fellow UK Lancer owner, I run a k&n panel filter with no issues what so over. Personally from what I have seen in general regarding induction kits, you'll lose power and gain a cool sound. I feel that Mitsubishi wasn't far off with providing the best cold air feed to the air filter as standard. With regards to the exhaust, I've paid about £600 for a 2.5" turbo back system with a high flow cat. As Mitsubishi ceased the Lancer in the UK after 2011, I think you'll find that all the exhaust systems run under the rear sub frame. I would highly recommend buying a egr delete pipe kit and replacing the egr valve before the inlet manifold and fitting the blanking plate between the exhaust manifold and the get cooler. This will likely bring up an engine management light but it shouldn't put the car in the limp mode. All the above is reversible, you can get the light removed but that requires the egr being "mapped" out in the software. If you aren't already a member, I run a Lancer only group on Facebook for the UK models with plenty of info on there regarding our model Lancer. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  5. Newbie Lancer GS3 UK

    There seems to be a few Lancer owners from the UK popping up. It's great to see, should try and get a group meet arranged.
  6. Uk Lancer Sportback

    I did buy it from Darkside. It's the 230mm intercooler and cost about £100 - No I sold it to a guy in Scotland.
  7. Uk Lancer Sportback

    A cheeky photo op in Snowdonia with my mate's Evo X
  8. Uk Lancer Sportback

    A few more modifications. Both sides of the engine bay now have cover's. Just wanted to do something to tidy the bay up. Also made my own air duct/intake cover. A friend of mine adapted my gear stick to make it a short shifter. One of the problems of owning a Diesel Lancer is not all mods for the Lancer's will work on with this engine. Also decided to replace my worn leather gear knob with a carbon gear knob, some modification was required due to it not being suitable for lift up reverse. I can finally cross this mod off my list. I am so happy to finally have a Ralliart steering wheel. Reason for wanting the Ralliart instead of the Evo X wheel is because in the UK, the Ralliart has audio controls and cruise controls, the Evo X only has audio controls. Replaced the poem Evo fog lights to a set of projector foglight with amber angel eyes. I decided to connect the angel eyes up to my indicators. The indicators in the headlights are now disconnected.
  9. 2008 UK Lancer 2.0 Di-D

    Welcome, it's good to see more Lancer owners from the UK. I haven't done this mod myself, but I believe it is a direct swap.
  10. Uk Lancer Sportback

    I'm not sure what ti required to get that figure. But at the time of mapping I had upgraded my intercooler, done a EGR Delete, K&N panel filter, hybrid turbo, 2.25" stainless steel exhaust turbo back with a decat and a dual friction clutch with the oem dual mass flywheel to handle the torque, (unfortunately this clutch lasted 18 months, turns out it doesn't like that much torque).
  11. Uk Lancer Sportback

    Sorry for the late reply, I don't get on here much. I think you already know the answer, but no I had to trim the black section of the bumper first, then drill holes for the Ralliart trim to fit to the std bumper.
  12. UK Lancer GS Saloon

    You don't really want to go lower than about 35mm on stock suspension anyway. This goes for all cars. Last thing you need is to go over a bump into he road and the spring dislodge and hold the shock at full extension, or the suspension to bottom out.
  13. Uk Lancer Sportback

    Cheeky little shot onthe English coast.
  14. Lancer Picture Game!

    Your Lancer next to a boat/ferry/ship.
  15. UK Lancer GS Saloon

    Mitsubishi quoted me £1000 all in for X bonnet (inc vent's, scoop and extras), all I would have to do is get it painted. Rainbow Pen refused to give me shipping price and sell me a bonnet, apparently they insisted the bonnet would get damaged during shipping and so they wouldn't sell me one.